Latin America – Study Geography & Human Environment Interaction

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A group of native Americans who migrated to the valley of Mexico and settled on islands in Lake Texcoco
A method of agriculture which used small, rectangular areas of fertile arable land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the valley of Mexico
The dominant ethnic group of Southern South America including Argentina & Uruguay
American indians of the Greater Antilles & South America
A person of mixed ethnic ancestry, especially of mixed American Indian & European descent as in much of Latin America
Where are the highest land elevations found in Latin America?
West Coast of South America
Dominant religion in Latin America is……
Roman Catholicism
What crop is best grown in high altitudes?
What Latin American country is closest to the United States?
How do farmers use the Pampas?
To graze their cattle
Which Latin American nation is a major oil producer?
What landform connects Central America and South America?
Isthmus of Panama
Why was the Panama Canal built?
To speed up the shipping times for goods & travelers
What are the conditions at altitudes above 14,000 feet?
Snow & ice exist year around
What is the overall vegetation of Latin America?
The region has a variety zones, but tropical rain forests cover the most territory
What is the result of the climate, remoteness, and limited economic development of some present-day Andean cities?
Roads were originally built for transportation of goods carried by pack animals
How does altitude affect farming in the Andes?
Different altitudes are favorable for growing crops, but not for growing other crops
What was the Mayan’s purpose of astronomical observations?
They were trying to develop calenders
Where is most of South America’s population located?
Along the coastlines
What causes a hurricane?
Warm air rising from the Atlantic Ocean
What ancient Incan farming technique is still used today?
Terrace farming
Why do crops such as sugarcane, cocoa, and bananas grow in Central America and the Caribbean?
These crops thrive in a tropical climate with rich soil
What is the most common economic activity on the larger islands of the Caribbean? The Inca’s need to trade with other societies is in evidence by their extensive…
Commercial farming & Road system
Brazil’s government is building roads and highways in the Amazon Rainforest to support economic development. What are the Advantages and disadvantages to building the roads and highways?
Advantages: Trade, access to natural resource, Job opportunities, Provides infrastructure
Disadvantages: Deplete oxygen, Soil erosion, Habitat loss