Patterns and processes in the physical environment – geography

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Core, mantle and crust
Three components of the earth:
Inner core
This part is extremely hot (5000degrees), solid and consists of iron and nickel
Mainly molten and consists of iron
Outer core:
3,500degrees, semi-molten and 80% of earths volume
Outer skin of earth and made of solid rock
Oceanic crust is composed of ancient, heavy rock like…
Thin and solid
The oceanic crust is…
The sima
The oceanic crust is called
The continental crust is how many km thick?
Young and light rock like granite
Continental crust is composed of what type of rock?
The sial
The continental crust is called
Move or flow
Rocks …… Or …….. In currents in the asthenosphere
The earths crust and upper part of the mantle
The lithosphere consists of……
Constructive boundaries
Plates pull apart/diverge at
Plates collide/converge
What happens at destructive boundaries?