Physical Geography-Human Environment Interaction

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Know the location of the Suez canal and the names of adjacent bodies of water.
The Suez canal is located in Egypt where it connects to the Mediterranean Sea to the Red sea.
Explain how climate and the location of water sources affect the location of population centers(where people live) in NA & SWA.
The location of population centers are unevenly distributed over the region.
Explain who is buying into Dubai’s land reclamation project.
A growing wealthy population are buying high end housing in Dubai’s land reclamation project.
What are the most important resources on the Arabian Peninsula?
Freshwater and Oil
Explain why countries such as Saudi Arabia are investing in desalination plants.
Saudi Arabia and other SWA countries are investing in desalination plants in order to meet the demand of water for a expanding population.
Describe two environmental factors which affect where Egyptians live.
Two environmental factors that affect where Egyptians live are the Sahara and the Nile.
Which ethic group has made their home in the Sahara?
The Berbers continue to live in Sahara as a means of maintaining their cultural traditions.
Describe the Dead sea. (3 characteristics)
1.Extremely salty 2.Bacteria grows 3.Bathers float