Russia & Central Asia TEST – 8th gr Geography

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fortress that houses the government of Russia
supreme leader of Russia before the creation of the Soviet Union
largest country in the world
Eastern Orthodox Church
most Russians practice religion in this church
St Petersburg & Moscow
Russian cities located on the Northern European Plain
site of a nuclear reactor accident in 1986
heated metal containers used to brew tea
trains & metros
major means of travel in Russia and Eurasia
taiga of Russia
largest forest region in the world
pollution crisis
caused by the government’s neglect of the environment in Central Asia and the former Soviet Union
Caucus Mountains
located between the Black & Caspian Seas
layer of subsoil that is always frozen
Northern European Plain
the majority of Russia’s people live on the …
current capital of Russia
religious paintings
icons found in the Russian Orthodox Churches
St. Petersburg
Russian port that is usable year round is located here
Ural Mountains
forms the border between Europe and Asia
Aral Sea
gradually drying up (desertification) due to water being diverted to irrigate cotton
Russian climate
is cold because the country lies too far from the influence of moderate oceans
this climate dominates the landscape in northern Russia
largest ethnic group in Russia
Russia’s coasts
are frozen many months out of the year
mosses, lichen, & dwarf shrubs
the only vegetation that thrives in the tundra
command economy
the government makes all decisions regarding the manufacture, sales, and distribution of products
St. Basil’s Cathedral
has nine colorful domes and is located in Red Square
mineral resources
Russia has huge reserves of these