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The process by which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behavior of another group
The process by which a person or a group acquires the social political and economic standards of another group in order to become fully integrated within a culture
The process by which an aspect or piece of culture is spread from one society to another
The process by which cultures adopt customs, beliefs, or knowledge from another.
Heterogeneous is best described as
Having differences
The fact that yoga and acupuncture have adopted into american culture and are increasing in popularity is an example of___
The way in which people absorb outside cultures is called____
Which of the following is not a reason for why local culture makes places unique
Coordinates of latitude and longitude provide an exact location.
If a person has adapted to an environment, they have
Adjusted to the differences within their new environment
Popular culture____
Is fluid and can change quickly
The changes to Boston’s harbor and land area are examples of the ability of ___ to manipulate and change the ____
Culture….. Environment
Cultural characteristics that are spread by mass media like movies and television are examples of cultural_____
What was the most important reason the city of boston chose to fill in much of their swampy land and coastal areas
More land was needed for its growing population
The name of the culture that exists within the dominant culture is
The spreading of soccer around the world is an example of cultural___
Which of the following is an example of cultural assimilation
A new immigrant from mexico learns how to speak english after enrolling in an american school
Cultures may adopt the values and practices of other groups
Popular culture is practiced by a diverse and ____ group of people
Which of the following statements best summarizes the process of cultural sharing
Cultures change over time as groups pass their values to other groups and adopt practices practices of other groups
set of beliefs that explain the creation of the universe and the nature of human existence
Belief in and worship of one god
Belief in and worship of multiple gods
Term used by some to refer to the monotheistic faiths of judaism christianity and islam
Compilation of early laws and jewish traditional beliefs
Includes jewish texts and adds the new testament
Laws and prophecies written by the prophet muhammad
Sunni islam
Those who believed muhammad’s close advisor and friend should lead
Those who believed mohammed cousin should lead
the path of righteousness
belief that one’s actions or decisions influence how he or she will be treated
Which of the following ideas is not part of most hindu beliefs?
A belief in the eightfold path
The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of __________.
Tibetan buddhist
Which of the following beliefs is not included in Islam’s six articles of Faith
Faith in the vedas as sacred texts
Polytheism, reincarnation, and following a path to a better life are the tenants of ______
Which of the following religions is practice by the largest percentage of the world’s population
Religion is a set of devoutly followed beliefs that often explain the creation of the universe and the nature of human existence.
In what geographic region were both buddhism and hinduism founded?
South asia
Which of the following is not included in the christian bible?
The first three books of the Qur’an
Buddhism is both a religion and a philosophy
The Torah consists of five books that include______
A compilation of judaic law
Which of the following characteristics is not shared by the faiths of christianity, judaism, and islam
All three polytheistic religions
In Buddhism, the _____ provides a set of concept to improve life and reach enlightenment
Eightfold path
Christianity began in the same region as
Islam and Judaism
What is the primary role of missionaries within christians faiths?
To convert others to christianity
Why is it significant that the name “tuareg” may have been derived from the arabic word meaning “abandoned by allah”?
This shows what more traditional north african arabs may think of the way the Tuareg blend island with traditional african religions.
Prior to the diaspora, ____ had already been conquered by the assyrians and babylonians
What do the Tuareg culture and the candomble faith have in common?
Both appropriated cultural traditions from multiple sources.
African slaves who were brought to the new world adopted the religious practice of the _____
Which of the following statements about the history of judaism is false?
Judaism is considered an important religion today due to the large percentage of people on Earth who follow its beliefs.
Conflict between _____ has been raging in nigeria since 1999
Christians and Muslims
As of 2009, the largest and most widespread religion in the world was __________.
Which of the following statements about the spread of Christianity is false?
Christianity did not spread to as many people as Islam did; Christianity is the world’s second-largest religion.
The Tuareg culture exhibits a combination of __________.
Islamic and pre-Islamic traditions
The term “Diaspora” refers to __________.
the spread of Judaism through the Middle East and southern Europe
Which of the following people is responsible for making the Christian faith the official religion of the Roman Empire?
Emperor Constantine
Tuareg men wear a veil (tagelmust) for all of the following reasons, except __________.
because Sharia law dictates that Muslim men must wear veils
Why did so many Native American peoples adopt Christianity in Latin America during the 1500s?
The pope required that the Spanish monarchs make the conversion of native peoples to Christianity a priority during colonization.
Ethnic neighborhoods most often form in order to ______
Support new immigrants in a new location and preserve cultural heritage
The “middle belt” describes the ________
Imaginary line dividing nigeria into north and south
What was the original cause of the split between shia and sunni muslims within islam?
Disagreement over who should lead the faith
Why was the roman catholic church so powerful in Europe during the middle ages?
Church officials controlled knowledge and learning and often held influential positions in government.
Why does cultural diffusion happen more quickly today than in previous centuries
Advancements in transportation and communication make it easier to spread culture.
Which of the following beliefs is not one of the four noble truths of buddhism?
There will be no other Torah