Unit 4 section (1) Population, Geography, and the Physical Environment

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How has the Mississippi River been most impacted by the industrialization of the United States?
The development of large farms has polluted the river through waste runoff.
City planners are breaking ground on a new city that many people are hoping will become an important ocean port for trading. Learning from the example of New Orleans, Louisiana, which geographic factor should the city planners pay the most attention to for the future safety of the city
the city’s elevation above or below sea level
Which development shows a significant effect of modernization on the surrounding natural environment?
destruction of ancient forests for new farmland in the Northeast
Which of these events contributed most to the United States being recognized as an international power?
victory over Spain in the Spanish-American War
Which of these factors contributed most to US westward expansion in the second half of the nineteenth century?
development of more railroad systems