World Geography 902 Part 1

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leaving one’s homeland to settle in a new place
the movement of people to a new country
the movement from one place to another
birth rate
number of live births per one thousand people in a year
death rate
number of deaths per one thousand people in a year
Population growth can be negative
Which are factors that determine population growth?
birth rate
death rate
The population of developing nations is increasing at a __ rate than developed nations.
Nicolae has migrated from Romania to Canada.

To Canada, Nicolae is an_____ . (immigrant, emigrant)
To Romania, Nicolae is an_____ .(immigrant, emigrant)

Because of years of war, educational opportunities were limited in Afghanistan. The Masrours moved to India so their children would receive a better education.

Select the concept that is described by the paragraph above.

Which statements describe people’s interactions with their environment? Choose all that apply.
People adapt to their environment.
People adapt their environment.
Changes to the earth’s environment can be harmful.
Changes to the earth’s environment can be beneficial.
Improved transportation systems have resulted in _____. Choose all that apply.
reduced dependence on nonrenewable resources
increased pollution
easy movement of people, products, and ideas
Developing nations use _____ of the earth’s resources than developed nations.
Management of the earth’s resources _____. Choose all that apply.
must be handled at a local level
must be handled at a national level
must be handled at a global level
Soil depletion—abundant resources
Political persecution—personal liberties
The items above are examples of _____.
push-pull factors
Which are characteristics of more-economically developed nations? Choose all that apply.
greater access to health care
higher standard of living
City planners are laying the groundwork for their ideal city, Cytopia. They have determined that there will be no more than three houses per acre. Industry must be located outside the city boundaries. The city will be built around three miles of protected forestland on which no development can occur. The planners have determined Cytopia’s _____.
urban form
In London during the Industrial Revolution, more people moved to the city to work in its factories than could be housed in its existing structures. Overcrowding and a lack of sanitation facilities resulted in increased disease.

The above paragraph gives an example of _____.

The ability of an area to meet the needs of its citizens while maintaining its ability to meet the needs of future generations is called _____.
sustainable development
_____ occurs when an area’s resources are used up faster than they can be replaced.
Unsustainable development
The increasing population of a city is called _____.
Which statements about settlement patterns are true?
Settlement patterns influence land use.
Settlement patterns provide information about the people who live in an area.
Settlement patterns are influenced by the availability of resources.