World Geography Part 3

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Aside from English what other language is widely spoken in Canada?
What enables U.S citizens to consume a disproportion large amount of products compared to the rest of the world?
high per capita income
Which city in the U.S is most well known for making auto mobiles?
Which area lies directly east of the Rocky Mountains in the center of North America?
Great Plains
American Consumption has had which of the following effects on the environment?
it depletes many natural resources
Which country is the United States largest trading?
Which of the following mountain ranges extend from New Mexico to Alaska?
Rocky Mountains
Which U.S- originated sport is popular in Canada ?
According to the cartogram, which continent is predicted to have the largest populations?
Which are geographical study involves examining different populations in the world, including their distribution and trade patterns?
human geography
She said her location was 38 degrees N, 103 degrees W. What location is this?
Absolute location
Which map element helps determine the real distance between areas on a map?
Which statement would be best justified by the information given in this population pyramid?
Women in Nigeria ate having more children today than they used in the past
What do GPS devices do?
Locate exact coordinates on earth
What is a functional region?
An area that is physically connected and operates as a single unit
Which landmass is most distorted in this map
Which formation moves sediments and erodes rock?
What is occurring in the picture?
Where do long chains of volcanoes tend to be located?
Near plate boundaries
Which statement is true regarding the layers of the earth?
Thy all vary in size and temperature
Which layer is the thinnest layer on earth
Which water source is least useful to humans for drinking purposes
What are earth’s plates currently drifting on?
Mantle currents
For years, Rita visited her friends house near the ocean. She noticed that her own home,far from the beach, experiences much greater sways in temperature.What is this reason for?
Large bodies of water, when composed to land ,take longer to heat and cool