Folk and popular culture AP Human Geography flash cards

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Combined values, material artifacts, and political institutions
What are the two parts to material culture?
survival and leisure activities
Repetitive act one person performs
What makes up a group’s material culture?
Social customs
what makes up culture?
A bunch of customs
Practiced in small, isolated rural areas and may include customs like clothing, food, and housing
Folk cilture
In large, heterogeneous societies that share certain habits despite other personal characteristics
Popular culture
Where did pop music originate from?
Vaudeville in 1900
How does the Amish diffuse through the US?
Because of increasing leasure time, ___ ___ were formed
Sports clubs
Is environmental determinism true even with folk culture?
What are food, clothing, and shelter affected by in folk culture?
Climate, soil, and vegetation
What is a Bostan?
A small garden in Istanbul, turkey
How does the environment impact the types of foods produced in a place where mainly folk culture is practiced?
Climate, soil, vegetation can prevent the growing of certain things especially in places where advanced technology has not diffused there yet
What is a restriction on behavior based on social customs?
What can also be a factor when groups or religions are coming up with taboos?
The environment and how it affects getting or growing food
What do Hindus have a taboo on?
Can social reasons for not eating food be considered a taboo?
Contribution of locations physical features to way food tastes (used for wine)
What do Muslims have a taboo against?
Fred kniffen said that houses reflect ____ _____, ____ _____, ____ _____, _____ _____
Cultural heritage, current fashion, functional needs, and environmental impact
What do the paintings from Southeast Asia from different groups show?
They all live in a relatively same environment, but because of their different culture, they have different views on the environment so they paint different things
Why do the front doors in the houses of Java face south?
Because it’s towards the sun goddess
What wall in the house of Fiji is sacred?
What is another name for the lower Chesapeake folk housing style in America?
What are some characteristics of the lower Chesapeake house?
One story, steep roof and chimney (one room deep)
Where did migrants spread the lower Chesapeake housing style?
What type of houses are in the folk culture middle Atlantic region?
“I” house
What are some characteristics of the “I” house?
Gables to sides, one room deep, went westward,
How many different types of houses are in the New England folk housing group?
Where were the New England folk house types carried?
Upper New England and southern great lakes
Where were the middle Atlantic folk housing types carried to?
Ohio valley and southwest along Appalachian trails
Why does popular culture diffuse faster to places more economically stable?
Because it is easier to get the material possessions required
What is popular culture that caters to the places it is in called?
Regional variation
Where is bourbon typically found?
Upper south
Where is tequila typically found?
What influences the amount of alcohol and snack foods?
Cultural back grounds
the distribution of wine production has more to do with (three things) and less with the (1 thing)
Cultural values, beliefs, and institutions; environment
What are 2 reasons that folk costumes are continued to be worn in places?
To preserve memories and attract tourists
Current house styles that are modern reflect what?
What was popular when they were built
What is a split-level house?
Fist level has garage and family room, kitchen and dining rooms on second story, bedrooms on top
What is a contemporary house style?
Flat low pitched roofs
What is a mansard house style?
Second story walls slope inward to roofline
What is the neo-Tudor house style?
Dominant, steep pitched gavles
What is the neo-french house style?
Dormer windows and high pitched roofs
What are 4 good things about popular culture?
Gender equality upward social mobility and, business, transnational corporations provide jobs
What is one bad thing about popular culture?
It is a threat to folk culture and there is a loss of traditional values
How can pop culture have a negative effect on women in LDCs?
Women are in danger because of sex stores and women can get in trouble when they don’t obey their husbands
Why don’t lust developed countries leaders like that countries such as the United States and Japan and the United Kingdom dominate the television industry in less developed countries?
They feel American beliefs and social forms are embodied in television and pose a threat
What is AP?
The American source for news
What is the reuters?
The British source for news
What three countries band satellite dishes so that people could not watch unmonitored programs?
China, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore
What type of culture is meat?
Popular culture because it is inefficient
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