GEOGRAPHY chapter 12

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Mediterranean climate
The climate found in most of Southern Europe – warm, sunny days and mild nights with little rain in the summer falling instead during the mild winter.
Name the three peninsulas of Southern Europe.
Iberian, Italian and Balkan Penisula’s
Name the body of water for Southern Europe
Mediterranean Sea
The Mountain Range on the Iberian Pennisula is called?
The Pyrenees. It forms a boundary between Spain and France to the north.
Name the two major mountain ranges in Italy.
Apennines – runs along the whole peninsula
Alps – Europes Highest mountains are in the north of Italy.
What mountains cover most of Greece?
The Pindus Mountains.
Name the four seas of Southern Europe.
Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionina Sea and Aegean Sea.
Name the longest river in Southern Europe
Tagus. It flows across the Iberian Peninsula.
What is the name of the river in northern Italy?
The Po. It runs thru Southern Europes most fertile and populated areas.
Which country in Southern Europe is the Eastern Orthodox Church dominate?
The head of the Roman Catholic Church is.
The Pope. The name of the current pope is Pope Benedict XVI
What is the Capital of Italy?
Rome – it is located in the central part of the country. A major center of banking and industry. Very popular tourist destination.
What is the name of the independent state located within Rome?
The Vatican City.
Spain and Portugal is located on what peninsula?
What religion had a major impact on Italian culture
Roman Catholic
What is the main economic activity of Southern Italy?
Farming and Tourism.
Name the three areas of Italian History?
Ancient Rome –
The Renaissance – art, literature and architecture.
Unified Italy – became one country in 1861
What is the name of Italy’s largest city?
Milan. It is also a global fashion captial.
What is the language of Spain?
What is the language of Portugal?
What is the language of Italy?
What is the language of Greece?
What is the captial of Spain?
What is the capital of Portugal?
What is the capital of Greece?
What are the Portugues famous for?
They are famous for sad folk songs called fados.
What are the Spanish famous for?
They are known for a style of song and dance called flameno.
What type of government is Spain?
Spain has a parlimentary monarchy.
What is a parlimentary monarchy?
A king rules with the help of an elected parliament.
Name two cities in Spain.
Madrid and Barcelona.
The Moors and Muslims who conquered.
The form of government for which ancient Greece is best known for
Two of the most common foods in Southern European cooking are
Who are the Basques?
They are of the Pyrenees and have their own language. It is not related to spanish or Portuguese. The Basques also have their own customs and traditions, unlike those of the rest of Spain. They would like to form their own independent country.
What are the two major achievements of the Ancient Greeks?
What is the Orthodox Church?
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