Geography of Southwest Asia

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What are the two most important natural resources found in Southwest Asia?
natural gas and oil
How much of the world’s known oil reserves are located in Southwest Asia?
over 1/2
How do some countries in Southwest Asia influence the global economy?
Because the Middle East has a lot of oil, they are rich and have a lot of control over the global economy
What has OPEC done in the past to reach economic or political agreements?
called an embargo
What is OPEC?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – manages the supply of oil in an effort to set the price of oil on the world market
Countries located around which body of water have the most oil reserves?
Persian Gulf
How has the presence of oil impacted the standard of living of countries in Southwest Asia?
tremendous growth in national wealth and an improved standard of living
Why has the standard of living increased in countries that have large oil reserves in the past 50 years?
the demand of oil has increased
What are the 3 major river systems found in Southwest Asia?
Euphrates, Jordan, and Tigris
Why are these major rivers important to the people of Southwest Asia?
they furnish water for drinking and irrigation
What are the 2 main deserts in Southwest Asia?
Syria and Rub al-Khali
How have the deserts impacted life in Southwest Asia?
natural barriers against invasion and trained the way of life for harsh surroundings
What is the climate in most of Southwest Asia?
hot and dry
How has the geography of Southwest Asia impacted the climate?
mountain ranges block rains
How has Southwest Asia played a major role in world trade?
it is between 3 major continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia
What is subsistence agriculture?
farming in which the farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families
Why is subsistence agriculture common in Southwest Asia?
because the climate is so dry, agriculture depends on irrigation, directing rivers to fields
What impact have the dams constructed on the Tigris and Euphrates had on countries downstream?
each dam cuts down on the water available downstream
What are some different ways people in Southwest Asia get water?
canals, wells, water wheels
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