Geography of the Italian Peninsula p.7 ?

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Reasons Rome was settled
Land for farming, rivers bring silt volcanos leave ash = rich soil, hills for defence
Rome was different from Greece in several ways
Hills/mountains less rugged, land travel and trade = easier fewer islands lots of land trade
1000 bc: people began migration to the Italian peninsula. They became know as the ____ who settled on the land south of the ____ river
Latins, Tiber.
800 bc: a community started on a hill overlooking the river. Natural resources were nearby: ___, ____, and _____.
Soil, stone, wood
Seven hills were easily defended and a stretch of level ground was an ideal place for a _____ or a place where goods and ideas could be exchanged.
The community continued to grow with these contributing factors:
Inland = protection for pirates/15 miles to sea – fish, salt

Center of peninsula = trade “all road’s lead to rome” (all the little roads branching off of Rome)

located on the Tiger river= natures highway

some distinguishing features are:
-looks like a high-heel boot
-700 miles long, 100 mile wide
-“toe” about to kick sicily
-100 miles from Africa
-Apennine mtns=spine of italy
-sea on all sides but north
The Alps (big mountains)
ancient roman sewer
cloaca maxima
Mediterranean Sea
Adriatic Sea (in between Greece and Italy)
Tyrrhenian Sea (above Sicily and west of Italy)
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