Geography-United States

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What countries do the Great Lakes border?
Canada and U.S.
Florida, Georgia, and Alabama are part of what sub region?
What river divides the U.S. into two main regions?
Mississippi River
What plateau does the Grand Canyon cut into?
Colorado Plateau
Why did people leave farms and move to the city?
Machinery was doing farm work, so people went to cities to find work.
What are the first ten amendments called?
The Bill of Rights
What is a megalopolis?
A supersized city
What led to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Louisiana Purchase
Using relative location, where are the Great Plains located?
Just west of the Mississippi River
What is the name of the legislative branch of the government?
What two countries does the U.S. export the most goods to?
Mexico and Canada
What is a cordillera?
parallel mountain ranges
What is the name of the area where many factories closed ?
Rust Belt
The term for the imaginary line separating the east and west flowing rivers.
Continental Divide
Term for connected to or all together
What is the trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.?
Three reasons people immigrated to the U.S.
freedom, education, and jobs
Three crops Spanish adopted from U.S.
avocados, corn, and tomatoes,
Port cities west of the Mississippi River are important because
*They are vital for trade with Asia
*They handle more than 1/2 of all imports
*Three of the top ten ports are along the Gulf of Mexico
Three ways the states west of the Mississippi River are different from the states to the east
1. larger
2. rockier
3. drier
living or occurring naturally in a particular place (Native Americans in the United States)
Spanish settlers were able to bring new crops into western United States because
the land and climate were similar to Spain
What was the purpose of Forced Migration?
Gold was discovered and the land was needed to farm
What was the purpose of the Great Migration?
African-Americans left the South to find jobs and better opportunities.
elevation above which it is too cold for trees to grow
the idea that it was the right of Americans to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
Manifest Destiny
describes a way of life in which a person or group lives by moving from place to place
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