AP Human Geography Chapter 7 Key Issue 1 Vocab

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Identity with a group of people who share the same cultural traditions
Identify with a group of people who share a biological ancestor
Triangular slave trade
An efficient triangular trading pattern between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Works fields rented from a landowner and pays the rent by turning over to the landowner a share of the crops
The belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produces an inherent superiority of a particular race
One who subscribes to the belief of racism
When real estate agents convinced the white homeowners living near a black area to sell their homes at low prices
Physical separation of different races into different geographic areas in South Africa
Identify with a group of people who share legal attachment and personal allegiance to a particular country
The concept that ethnicities have the right to govern themselves
A small geographic area that can not be successfully organized into one or more stable states because it is inhabited by ethnicities who hate each other
A state whose territory corresponds to that occupied by a particular ethnicity that has been transformed into a nationality
Loyalty and devotion to a nationality
Centripetal force
An attitude that trends to unify people and enhance support for a state
Multi-ethnic state
A state with more than one ethnicity
Multinational state
Contains two ethnic groups with traditions of self determination that agree to coexist peacefully by recognizing each other as distinctive nationalities
Ethnic cleansing
A process in which a more powerful ethnic group forcibly removes a less powerful one in order to create an ethnically homogenous region
The process by which a state breaks down through conflicts among its ethnicities
Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice
Term derived from areas in cities where only Jews lived, it noe used to denote a section of a city in which members of any minority group live because of social, legal, or economic pressure
Separate but equal
Laws passed, usually in the American south and called “Jim Crow”, pertaining to s racial policy by which blacks may be segregated if granted equal opportunities and facilities, as for education, transportation, or jobs. Now considered unconstitutional
White flight
After separate but equal laws were designated to be unconstitutional, whites left neighborhoods where they believed blacks would now move into
As part of apartheid, 10 regions in South Africa where every black was suppose to be a citizen even if they didn’t live there
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Separate but equal
Brown vs. Board of Education
Desegregation of the public schools
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