Barron’s AP Human Geography Culture Chapter 3 (Race, Ethnicity, Gender)

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spanish speaking neighborhoods in US cities
ex) Spanish Harlem NYC
cultural shatterbelt
politically unstable region where differing cultural elements come into contact, and conflict
ex) Palestine/Israel, Sudan/South Sudan
dowry death
dispute over the price to be paid by the family of the bride to the father of the groom- in some cases leads to murder of bride
ex) mainly occurs in India
ethnic cleansing
attempt to remove all people of an ethnicity from a country/region through forced migration or genocide
ex) Jewish Holocaust, Armenian Genocide
group of people who share a common identity
ex) Indian, Persian, French
plural society
society composed of numerous ethnic groups
ex) post colonial nations (Nigeria, Iraq)
a group of human beings distinguished by physical traits, genetic code patterns, characteristics.
ex) White, Black, Asian, Latino
separation of people because of ethnic or racial differences.
ex) separate water fountains for white and blacks 1950’s
admit to citizenship, gain rite to voting
ex) immigrants passing the US citizenship test
social differences between men and women- not biological/anatomical differences
ex) male/ female
gender gap
measurable differences between men and women
ex) salary, opportunities
longevity gap
difference of average expected life spans between different groups of people, nations, races
ex) 78 in US, 83 in Japan, 66 India
Human Development Index
UN created indicator of level of developmentfor each country
ex) factors include income, education, literacy
act of bringing something under your control
ex) subjugation of women in sub-saharan Africa, men are payed for their work
society in which men hold power over economy, family, government.
ex) India, Pakistan, Nepal
society where a female is the dominant figure in household, government, economy
ex) Iceland, Akan tribe (DRC, CAR),
ethnic conflict
war between two or more ethnic groups – usually as a result of ethnic nationalism.
ex) Palestine/Israel conflict
ethnic enclave
small area in a city/country where a particular ethnic group lives.
ex) Little Italy, New York City
ethnic group
a group that shares cultural values, considers themselves united
ex) French, Japanese
belief that one culture (most likely your own) is superior to all others
ex) Nazis view that Aryans were the superior race of people
overcrowded ethnic enclave in an urban area characterized by poverty and poor quality housing
ex) Nazi-era Jewish ghettos in European cities
ethnic neighborhood
ethnic neighborhood
area within a city containing members of the same ethnic background
ex) little Italy, Chinatown
ethnic homeland
area inhabited by an ethnic minority that exhibits a strong attachment to the region, exercises political/social control
ex) Israel and Jews
ethnic landscape
landscape affected and varied by the ethnic group living there
ex) North End Boston- once historic is now home to a vibrant Italian community
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