Key Issues 1 and 2 Chapter 4 Folk and Popular Culture AP Human Geography Rubenstein

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a repetitive act that a particular individual performs
example of a habit
wearing jeans to class everyday
example of a custom
American university students wear jeans to class everyday
does not imply that the act has adopted by most of the society’s population
a repetitive act of a group, performed to the extent that it becomes characteristic of the group
Material Culture
2 categories are folk and popular culture
Folk Culture
traditionally practiced; small homogenous groups; isolated rural areas; customs
Popular Culture
large heterogeneous societies; share cert. habits despite differences in other personal characteristics; habits
Popular Culture
has more widespread distribution
Folk Culture
more sensitive to the protection and enhancement of the environment
Popular Culture
Based on rapid simultaneous global connections through communications systems
Popular Culture
less likely to reflect the diversity of local physical conditions;
more likely to modify the environment in accordance with global values
Folk Customs
often have anonymous hearths; originate form anonymous sources; unknown dates; unidentified originators; may have multiple hearths
Popular Culture
most often a product of the economically more developed countries
Examples of Popular culture
Michael Jackson, McDonald’s, Hip Hop
Examples of Folk Culture
Folk Music
tell a story or convey information about daily activities (farming), life-cycle events (marriage, death, birth), or mysterious events (storms and earthquakes).
Popular Music
written by specific individuals for the purpose of being sold to a large # of people
Folk Songs
usually composed anonymously and transmitted orally
Popular Culture
spread typically follows a pattern of hierarchical diffusion
a center of innovation; where culture originates
a restriction on behavior; imposed by social customs
Example of Popular Music
Hip Hop
Tin Pan Alley
Folk Songs
can change from generation to generation, usually shaped by daily events
Example of Folk Culture Diffusion
The Amish: relocation diffusion
Example of Popular Culture Diffusion
Hip-Hop; organized sports: Soccer (football
Folk Culture Diffusion
diffusion shows that culture is transmitted from one location to another more slowly and on a smaller scale
Popular Culture Diffusion
diffusion typically follows the process of hierarchical diffusion from hearths or nodes of innovation
Popular Culture Diffusion
diffuses rapidly and extensively though the use of modern communications and transportation
Soccer (Football)
the world’s most popular sport
Distributions of Folk Culture
Influences of Customs
the prevailing climate, soil, and vegetation
Examples of Customs
provision of food, clothing, and shelter
Influences of Customs and Examples
Residents of artic climates may wear fur-lined boots, which protect against the cold
Example of Humans adapting their environment
toxic and indigestible when raw
making this into bean sprouts (germinated seeds), soy sauce (fermented soybeans), and bean curd (steamed soybeans)
Example of Taboo
food taboos: Muslims and pork
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