APHUG Chapter 3

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migration from a location
migration to a location
What are push and pull factors?
factors that induce people to move from or to a location
economic push factor example
people left Europe to the US and Canada for more job opputunities
economic pull factor example
People moved to North America because of te job oppurtunities
Cultural push factors
slavery, political instability, etc.
cultural pull factor example
after communists gained control of Eastern Europe, many people in that region were pulled toward the democracies in Western Europe and North America
Environmental push factor example
many people have moved from the Sahel region of Northern Africa because of drought conditions
Environmental pull factor example
the Rocky Mountains lures people to Colorado
Intervening Obstacle
An environmental or cultural feature that hinders migration
Briefly describe the role of physical geography in examining intervening obstacles and migration
Many people tried to migrate to a place, but couldn’t because of bodies of water, deserts, mountains, etc. They didn’t have good transportation
briefly describe the role of transportation in examining intervening obstacles and migration
long ago, many people walked places by foot or by horse. Which takes a long time and the weather or physical conditions caused people to die.
Briefly describe the role of political concerns/laws in examining intervening obstacles and migration
a migrant needs a passport to legally emigrate from a country and a visa to legally immigrate to a new country.
Migration may be classified as either international or internal. What’s the dif?
International is moving permanently to a new country. Internal is moving permanently in the same country.
What types of push factors are usually responsible for voluntary migration?
Cultural, economic(not enough jobs), etc.
What types of push factors are usually responsible for forced migration(refugees)?
Violent action of other people, when somebody gets sent back to their country, because they’ve been living their life illegally.
Characteristics of migrants- gender
in the past….19th and 20th centuries men were 55% if the US immigrants
present trends….21st century women are 55% of US immigrants
Characteristics of migration- family status?
in the past and still today…young adults between 25-39 without families
recent changes…more children are coming with their mothers
The world’s third most populous country (the US) is inhabited overwhelmingly by…
direct descendants of immigrants
In what stage of the Demographic Transition are most countries that send out immigrants?
stage 2
What 3 countries sent out the most immigrants from Asia in the recent years?
China, India, and the Philippines
What caused immigration from Latin America to the US to increase?
Illegal immigration (mostly from Mexico)
Undocumented immigrants
Those who can’t enter the US legally so they immigrate illegally, they don’t have proper documents.
Where do most undocumented immigrants in the US come from?
Chain migration
the migration of people to a specific location because relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there
brain drain
a large scale emigration by talented people
guest worker
workers who migrate to the MDCs of N. and W. Europe, usually from S. and E. Europe or from North Africa, in search of higher paying jobs
What is the most famous example of large scale interregional migrationin the US?
The Westward expansion?
What is the Population center?
The average location of everyone in the country, the “center of population gravity”
What was the first intervening obstacle which hindered American settlement of the interior of the continent?
The Appalachian Mountains (steep, thick forests, few gaps to allow easy passage)
What developements in transportation eventually encouraged settlement to the Mississippi
The building of canals example: Erie Canal
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