Canada physical geography

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What term refers to one country needing another country in order for both of their economies to survive?
What is the permanently frozen ground in the arctic called?
What is a political division of Canada called?
What territory was formed as a homeland for the Inuit people?
Why is the Canadian Shield important to the economy of Canada?
It’s full of natural resources
Why is the United States Canada’s largest trading partner?
because of the United States’ geographical location
What are the major environmental concerns of Canada?
Acid rain
Why are Canadians concerned about the pollution of the great lakes?
The Great Lakes provide drinking water to Canadians
The Great Lakes are a popular tourist attraction in Canada.
What mountain range is located along Canada’s western border?
Rocky mountains
What geographical feature in Canada is an area of ancient rugged rock.
Canadian shield
Why does Canada have to work with the United States to solve to problem of acid rain?
Because the wind patterns blow the acid rain into Canada
Where is most of Canada’s farmland located?
interior plains
How has climate affected where Canadian’s live?
The mild climate of southern Canada makes it an ideal place for most Canadians to live
What is Canada’s most important agricultural product?
Describe Canada’s population in relation to its land size.
The population of Canada is small compared to its land size
What is a major problem related to clear-cutting?
Which geographical area is most important to help businesses in central Canada trade goods with other countries?
St. Lawrence Seaway
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