Europe & Russia: Physical Geography Study Guide

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hydroelectric power
the power generated by water-driven turbines
a cold, dry, treeless region covered with snow for most of the year
permanently frozen layer of ground beneath the top layer of soil
rain shadow
the area on the dry, sheltered side of a mountain that receives little rainfall
a river or stream that flows into a large river
population density
the average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer
a land nearly surrounded by water
wide and deep enough for ships to travel through
fossil fuel
a source of energy that forms from the remains of ancient plants and animals
a type of rich, dust-like soil
the grasslands of fertile soil suitable for farming in Russia
a large raised area of mostly level land bordered on one or more sides by steep slopes or cliffs
North Atlantic Current
This powerful ocean current carries warm water from the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico to northwestern Europe
vegetation regions of Europe
Some vegetation regions of Europe are deciduous forest, mixed forest, coniferous forest, Mediterranean forest, temperate grassland, tundra, and ice cap.
vegetation regions of Russia
Some vegetation regions of Russia are deciduous forest, mixed forest, coniferous forest, temperate grassland, desert scrub, tundra, and ice cap.
natural resources of Europe
Some natural resources of Europe are copper, phosphates, iron, lead, uranium, bauxite, coal, petroleum, natural gas, and hydroelectric power
natural resources of Russia
Some natural resources of Russia are gold, iron, tin, tungsten, coal, diamonds, natural gas, copper, lead, nickel, bauxite, phosphates, petroleum, and hydroelectric power.
rivers and lakes of Europe and Russia
Some rivers and lakes of Europe and Russia are the Rhine River, Danube, and the longest river in Europe is Russia’s Volga.
landforms of Europe and Russia
Europe forms a peninsula it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Russia has big mountains called The Ural Mountains.
North European Plain
This covers more than half of Europe, it is a region of old mountains
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