GEOG 110 Chapter 1

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Geography combines
disciplines from the physical and life sciences with disciplines from the human and
cultural sciences to attain a holistic view of the Earth
Geography’s spatial viewpoint examines
the nature and character of physical space and the distribution of phenomena within it
Geographic science integrates a wide range of subject matter traditionally categorized into
five major themes
location, region, human-Earth relationships, movement, and place
sustainability science
an important new discipline, integrating sustainable development and functioning Earth systems
Which of the following best describes the field of physical geography?
The spatial analysis of all the physical elements, processes, and systems that make up the
Understanding the complex relations between Earth’s physical systems and human society is important to human survival. True or false?
______ _______ is an important organizational and analytical tool used
by geographers.
Systems analysis
Earth is an _____ system in terms of energy, receiving energy from the Sun, but it is essentially a _______ system in terms of matter and physical resources.
open; closed
As a system operates, “information” is returned to various points in the operational process via pathways of ________ _______.
Feedback loops
If the feedback information discourages change in the system, it is ________ _________.
negative feedback
Unchecked _________ feedback in a system can create a runaway (“snowballing”) condition
Steady-state equilibrium
When the rates of inputs and outputs in the system are equal and the amounts of energy and matter in storage within the system are constant (or when they fluctuate around a stable average)
Dynamic equilibrium
A system showing a steady increase or decrease in some operation over time (a trend)
Relative to the five fundamental themes of geography, communication and diffusion refer to
Relative to the five fundamental themes of geography, resource management and sustainable growth refer to
human-Earth relationships
Relative to the five fundamental themes of geography, latitude and longitude refer to
Geographers often construct a simplified _______ of natural systems to better understand them.
The science that studies Earth’s shape and size
A large flood in a river may cause abrupt shifts leading to the carving of a new channel. The
point at which this change occurs is a(n) ________.
The realization that Earth was a sphere
was first made by Pythagoras, 580-500 B.C.
The oblateness of Earth occurs at the
If you wanted a map with a lot of detail of a small area you would want a
a large scale map
Which map projection is best at eliminating distortion?
All map projections distort.
Which of the following is an example of an active remote sensing device?
Which of the following best describes Geographic Information Systems?
Computer-based tool for management and analysis of geographic information.
Absolute location on Earth is described with a specific reference grid of parallels of _________ and meridians of _________
Latitude; longitude
measures distances north and south of the
measures distances east and west of a prime meridian
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
the worldwide standard and the
basis for international time zones.
Latitude, longitude, and elevation are accurately measured using ____ instrumentation that reads radio signals from
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