Geography Chapter 7 (Test 3)

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What is the approximate population of sub-Saharan Africa?
809 million
Which of the following statements is not true of sub-Saharan Africa? a) it is growing at the rate of about 2.5% per year b) the nations of Europe had little to no interest in colonizing the region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries c) it is home to several of the worlds fastest growing economies d) the average per capita income there is the lowest in the world
What is the capital of sudan?
What was The Democratic Republic of Congo formerly known as?
What are the two largest continents?
Africa, Asia
– More than one-fourth of the African continent is covered by the__________________.
Sahara Desert
What major mountains are located in Africa?
Kilimanjaro, Kenya
– Which is NOT true of the physical geography of the African continent?
a) Its coastline is home to many natural harbors.
b) Its physical geography has long hindered transport.
c) The continent’s surface is basically a plateau bordered by narrow coastal lowlands. d) It was most likely the center of Pangaea.
– Africa’s lack of mountain ranges can be explained by the lack of what phenomena?
Pangea (Africa only moved slightly so mountain ranges were not formed.)
Which body of water separates Africa and Asia?
Red Sea
– The band of atmospheric currents that circle the globe roughly around the equator is known as the __________________.
ITCZ (intertropical convergence zone)
– The rain produced by the intertropical convergence zone is most abundant near what?
Africa near the equator (Congo Basin)
– The southern fringes of the Sahara Desert are known as the ______________.
– The world’s deserts are generally found at about ___ degrees N and S latitude.
– The Horn of Africa is home to what country?
Northeastern Africa
What are the names of the African deserts found at roughly 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south, respectively?
Sahara, Namib, Kalahari
The word used to describe the long cliffs between Africa’s plateau and coast is ______________.
Steep Escarpments
The triangular peninsula that juts out from northeastern Africa below the Red Sea is known as the ______________________.
Horn of Africa
– The process by which trees remove carbon from the air and store it in their biomass is known as _________________.
Carbon Sequestration
– What two products or technologies supply Africans with most of their domestic energy?
Wood, Charcoal
– Which of the following is a criticism sometimes made of agroforestry?
a) It requires more intensive use of resources than traditional methods. b) It is not consistent with the goals of the Green Belt Movement.
c) It sometimes brings invasive species onto the African continent.
d) It simply switches agriculture from one crop to another.
– Which of the following is NOT common among the population of Africa? a) Subsistence farming
b) Mixed agriculture
c) Fishing, hunting, and gathering
d) Extraction of minerals for energy production
– What term refers to a type of farming in which the farmer produces food only for the farmer’s family?
Subsistence farming
– Most African famines have been caused by _____________.
Political instability (disrupts economies and food growing/distribution systems)
– Which of the following uses of wood has contributed most to the disappearance of dry forests?
a) Fuel
b) Medicine
c) Building materials d) Furniture
– What are the agricultural issues that Africa is currently facing?
– Which two countries of sub-Saharan Africa are working on a plan to dam the Niger River?
Mali, Niger
– Which of the following is among the strategies used by cultivators in the wet tropics to maintain soil fertility?
a) Clear and plant large patches with one species
b) Clear small plots and allow for the sun to bake and seal nutrients in the soil c) Plant only one species at a time
d) Allow the land to reforest after 3 years
– What are the general issues concerning water in sub-Saharan Africa?
Freshwater deficits, small amount of groundwater
– Pastoralism is another word for ______________.
– The process by which arid conditions spread to areas that were previously moist is called?
– Which of the following solutions is NOT being tried or considered in sub-Saharan Africa to protect wildlife?
a) Efforts to reduce poaching
b) Increased ecotourism
c) Interference with natural migration patterns to prevent animals from drowning d) Traps to kill predators who feed on weaker species
– What fraction of the world’s national park land is in Africa?
One third
What practice is being adopted in recognition of the rapid loss of forests that emphasizes economically useful trees to take the pressure off of old growth forests?
What practice do most sub-Saharan Africans practice that involves alternating the use of fields between cultivation and grazing?
shifting cultivation
What is the name of the type of tourism fostered by the African countries and used to promote wildlife conservation?
The original home of the human species is thought to have been on what continent?
Modern humans evolved in eastern Africa about _____ years ago?
2 million
The african culture that developed around 700 CE, when Europe was recovering from the collapse of the Roman Empire was found in what is modern-day:
Which of the following events involving Europe and Africa occurred during the eighteenth and early nineteenth century? a) europeans began selling Africans as slaves in the Americas b) Europe established formal colonies in Africa c) the Portuguese became the first Europeans to reach West Africa d) Europeans brought high-yield agriculture to Africa
Which of the following statements in NOT true of slavery in modern-day Africa a) it is widely practiced in Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa b) it is most common in the Sahel c)some slaves have been sold by their parents to pay off debts d) slaves often work as domestic servants or prostitutes
The country once known as Abyssinia is now known by what name today?
The dutch farmers who were among the first European settlers of South Africa were known as the:
Which two natural resources were discovered in South Africa in the 1860s?
diamonds and gold
the official system of racial segregation enforced in south africa was known as?
In what year did the apartheid era in South Africa formally come to an end?
The first African state to achieve independence from Europe was?
Which is not true of modern Africa? a) slavery still exists b) corruption and abuse of power have been the marks of many governments c) Africa must import food and still produces few of its manufactured goods d) No African nation has elected a woman to its top leadership position
The people of the powerful empires of Ghana and Mali were generally converts of what religion that was known for making pilgrimages to Mecca?
Who was the first president of South Africa after white minority rule ended?
Nelson Mandela
The key motive of European nations in colonizing Africa was? a) profit b) slavery c) increased agricultural production d) religious reform of native cultures
The only African country with a strong manufacturing base is?
South Africa
Better bookkeeping procedures reduced corruption and waste, they made tax collection more efficient, they closed corrupt state owned monopolies and opened businesses up to entrepreneurs are all a result of?
structural adjustment policies in Africa
What occurred in sub-Saharan Africa during the period between 1961 and 2005
Per capita food production declined
The money that immigrants send back to their home country is known as a?
Most or all of the Chinese-financed infrastructure projects sponsored in Africa were built by: a) native Africans b) slave labor c) chinese labor d) low-paid laborers from India
What is true of trade within Africa?
It is relatively limited because so many countries produce the same raw materials for export.
An approach to development that consists of small self-help projects that use local skills to create products or services for local consumption is known as?
self-reliant development
What is the name of the organization founded to focus on trade, currency, infrastructure, and political stability in West Africa?
Economic Community of West African States
A raw material that is traded is known as a?
The formation of SADC and ECOWAS are examples of what type of development strategy?
grassroots economic development
A program to equip woman with low-tech modes of transport such as bicycles might be an example of what type of economic strategy?
grassroots economic development
By what local means are most goods transported in rural Africa?
footpaths on the heads of women
European colonizers policies toward Africa can be summarized as:
The deliberate intensification of divisions and conflicts
A single party came to monopolize power, large government bureaucracies were created, elites emphasized African traditions of patronage at the expense of European-style democracy are all outcomes of what?
independence (in most countries of sub-Saharan Africa)
Nigeria was once a colony of what country?
What is the largest ethnic group in Nigeria?
In Nigeria, the Hausa and Fulani dominate the ____ and the Yoruba and Igbo dominate the _____
northern, southern
The large majority of Africas refugees are?
women and children
– Which statement is NOT true of the refugee situation in Africa?
a) Refugees are often trying to escape genocide.
b) The burden of hosting refugees can be severe for the host countries.
c) Large portions of economic aid to Africa have been diverted to meet the emergency needs of refugees.
d) Refugees are usually migrants who have moved from their home country to another country in search of work.
– Which of the following statements is accurate regarding present-day Nigeria?
a) Its postcolonial history has been peaceful.
b) Its primary resource and export is oil.
c) Its population is ethnically homogeneous.
d) Nearly 90 percent of its citizens live in urban areas.
What resource has the potential to make Nigeria the richest country in Africa if it were managed properly?
Over which country did Robert Mugabe serve as highly corrupt leader for almost 30 years?
The first country in the world where woman make up a majority of the national legislature is?
What oil rich west african country is the most populous among all countries in sub-Saharan Africa?
What two ethnic groups have dominated Nigerias government and military since 1960?
Southern yoruba-igbo, northern hausa-fulani
What term represents the destruction of an ethnic, racial, or political group?
What is Africas most populous country?
A major cause of slowing population rates in Africa is?
widespread use of contraception
What circumstance tends to prevail in places in Africa where birth rates have declined?
traditional gender role restrictions are relaxed
The rate of contraception use in sub-Saharan Africa is what percentage of the global average?
The greatest contributor to the rapid growth of cities in Sub-Saharan Africa is?
What is the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa?
Lagos (Nigeria)
typhoid, dysentery, cholera are all what type of diseases in sub-Saharan Africa?
What is the African nation with the largest number of immigrants?
Ghana, South African, Nigeria, Tanzania (and Cote d’ivozre)
Sleeping sickness is caused by the bites of what insect?
tsetse flies
– All of the following are common infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa EXCEPT: a) sleeping sickness.
b) malaria.
c) schistosomiasis. d) tuberculosis.
Maleria is spread by what insect?
The leading cause of death in sub-saharan africa is by what disease?
Which of the following statements is not true about HIV-AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa? a) More women than men are currently infected.
b) The disease is spread through contact with sex workers.
c) Only a small percentage of those with HIV-AIDS can afford the drugs required for treatment.
d) Of the nations in sub-Saharan Africa, Botswana has the lowest incidence of HIV-AIDS.
– According to the textbook, which of the following has contributed to the spread of HIV-AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa?
a) Fewer people getting married
b) Poor transportation networks
c) The dependence on sex work for economic survival d) Rapid manifestation of the disease
– What is a significant barrier to providing treatment for those with HIV-AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa?
a) The cost of the treatment is too high.
b) The treatment expires before it can be delivered to all regions. c) Patients are afraid to take Western-style medication.
d) Treatments from the United States do not work on Africans.
– All of the following are part of women’s traditional and modern roles in sub-Saharan Africa EXCEPT:
a) gathering firewood.
b) tending to the children and home. c) preparing land for cultivation.
d) caring for the sick.
– In sub-Saharan Africa, in which of the following aspects of agriculture are men most likely to be involved?
1. a) Cultivating and growing cash crops
2. b) Harvesting and preparing food
3. c) Transporting crops to market
4. d) Sowing and weeding of the family crops
– The cultural reason underlying female genital mutilation is most likely: a) the desire to keep the birth rate low.
b) to ensure that women are virgins in marriage and have interest in sex only for procreation.
c) to ease women’s pain in childbirth.
d) to form a bond between mother and daughter.
– Which of the following is NOT a main source of Africa’s religious traditions?
a) Islam
b) Christianity c) Animism
d) Judaism
The belief system that sees spirits, including those of the deceased, as existing everywhere is called?
An example of the blending of Roman Catholicism with African animist belief is?
diaspora (voodoo, senteria, candomble)
The primary religion of the Sahel is?
Christianity came to Africa by way of what two countries?
Egypt, Ethiopia
The term used to refer to the shared language, cultural traditions, and political and economic institutions of a group is?
The Rwandan ethnic groups that have engageg in mutual genocide over the last twenty years are the?
Hutu farmers and tutsi
What two languages do most Africans speak?
native tongue (lingua franca, Hauso)
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