Geography chp 1

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what are the two concepts used by geographers to explain why every place is unique
region and place
which of the following associations between a geographer and the geographer’s accomplishment is correct
ptolemy: wrote an 8-volume guide to geography
which of the following map scales would most likely be used on a map to guide tourists on a walking tour of downtown seattle
which of the following statements about the geographic grid is correct
the equator is the parallel with the largest circumference and the place where every day has 12 hours of daylight
which of the following statements about geographic information systems (GISs) is correct
it is typically used for the physical feathers of Earth ex: mountains and rivers, and not the juan features
the physical character of a place is its________, and its location relation to other places is its________.
site, situation
a functional region
has a central focus that diminishes in importance moving outward
the density and concentration of a given area
vary depending on the distribution of the given feature
expansion diffusion may result from which of the three following processes
hierarchical diffusion, contagious diffusion, stimulus diffusion
an advocate of environmental determinism
would suggest that the temperate climate in northwestern Europe produces greater human efficiency and productivity
the first person to use the word geography was
what elements of study do human and physical geography have in common
they are concerned with where things occur and why they occur where they do
geographers are first and foremost concerned with the memorization of named places (T/F)
the beach at ipanema, brazil, can be studied using tools
from both human and physical geography
geography is not concerned with the study of physical processes (t/f)
scholars of the ancient world
had a remarkable knowledge of planetary dimension
chinese scholars were active in geographic thinking from ancient times (t/f)
which of the following map projections is best suited for the country maps used in your text
in making a map, cartographers must strike a glance between
the amount of land and the level of detail displayed
the science of making maps is
scale is
the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape
1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale
fractional scale
if the scale of a map is 1:100,000, then 1 centimeter on the map represents_____ on earth’s surface
1 kilometer
a bar line showing the distance on a map is a form of graphic scale (t/f)
every map projection distorts the surface of earth in some way (t/f)
which of the following statements reflects an accurate understanding of time zones and longitude
moving eastward from the prime meridian you should turn your watch forward one hour for each 15 degrees of longitude
greenwich mean time is measured from
0 degrees longitude
the international date line mostly follows
180 degrees longitude
parallels converge at the north and south poles (t/f)
for each 15 degrees change in longitude, time changes by one hour (t/f)
geographers draw two lines (or arc) on maps to indicate location. the lines (or arcs) drawn between the north and south poles are known as______. the circles drawn parallel to the equator are known as______.
meridians, parallels
multiple “layers” of spatial information are stored in
a computer system that stores, organizes, retrieves, analyzes, and displays geographic date is
the acquisition of date about earth’s surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or from another long-distance method is
remote sensing
which statement best describes the relationship between remote sensing and GIS
remotely sensed images can be used in a GIS
remote sensing is another word for his (t/f)
the name given to a portion of earth’s surface is known as
site identifies a place by its
unique physical characteristics
situation identifies a place by its
location relative to other objects
site and situation are both ways to describe a location (t/f)
an area distinguished by a unique combination of features is a
the south can be defined as a vernacular region of the united states by
low high school graduation rates, climate, the baptist church, right to work laws
which is not an example of a functional region
the area dominated by a particular crop
moving toward the southern border of the united states, english becomes less common and spanish is more often spoken. what type of region does this gradual change of language reflect
the state of texas is best considered a formal region because
the same state laws apply everywhere in the region
formal regions cannot overlap (t/f)
regions are found only where physical and economic characteristics are strongly related (t/f)
formal regions are organized around a node (t/f)
to geographers, the spread of mcdonald’s around the world represents
economic and cultural globalization
for many people, the globalization of culture represents a threat to local diversity (t/f)
the communication revolution that promotes globalization of culture also permits the preservation of cultural diversity (t/f)
the arrangement of a feature across earth’s surface is its
the frequency of something within a given unit of area is
distribution refers to the arrangement of observable phenomena across earth (t/f)
the spread of something over a given study area is
local______is in opposition to the force of globalization
a high degree of dispersion within an area indicates high density (t/f)
the frequency of a feature in a given area is known as density (t/f)
concentration is another word for density (t/f)
the frequency of a phenomenon over a given study area is defined as
the extent of a feature’s spread over space is defined as
which is a form of expansion diffusion
contagious, hierarchical, stimulus
the concept of space-time compression means
distant places in the world are becoming effectively closer together
according to distance-decay a more distant group is less likely to be influential than a nearer group (t/f)
the spread of an idea through the movement of people is known as stimulus diffusion (t/f)
most plants and animals find food and shelter in the
which of the following statements about human interaction with the biosphere is most accurate
the biosphere often includes elements of all three abiotic systems
of the four major earth systems, which one is composed of living organisms
the biosphere overlaps with each of the other three earth systems (t/f)
according to environmental determinism
the physical environment causes social development
the concept that the physical environment limits human actions, but that people have the ability to adjust to the physical environment is
the study of how humans and the environment interact is called
cultural ecology
the emergency response to hurricane katrina may have been incompetent and slow because
the victims lacked political and economic power
geographers generally reject environmental determinism in favor of possibilism (t/f)
the idea that the physical environment limits human actions but that people have the ability to adjust to that environment is called possibilism (t/f)
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