Physical Geography Canada

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What term refers to one country needing another country in order for both of their economies to survive
What is the permanetly frozen ground in the Arctic called
What is a political division of Canada called
what territory was formed as a homeland for the inuit people
why is the canadian shield important to the economy of canada
it contains large, valuable mineral deposits
why is the us canada`s largest trading partner
easy acces to transportation routes
what were the major environmental concerns of canada
a. preventing acid rain
b. conserving timber resources
c. pollution of the great lakes
d. regulating the mining industry
why are canadians concerned about the pollution of the great lakes
major source of their drinking water
what mountain range is located along canada`s western border
the rocky mountains
what geographic feature in canada is an area of ancient rugged rock
canadian shield
why does canada have to worh with the us to solve the problem of acid rain
a. the US is the source of much of canada`s air pollution
b. air pollution travels across the border and hurts the agriculture, forests, and animals of canada
where is most of canada`s farmland located
interior plains
how has climate effected where canadians live
few people live in the northern regions of canada because of the cold climate
what is canada`s most important agricultral product
describe canada`s population in relation to its size
canada has a small population compared to the size of its land area
what is a major problem related to clear cutting
a. habitat loss
b. soil erosion
what geographical area ia most important to help buisnesses in central canada trade goods with other countries
the great lakes and the st. lawrence seaway
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