Physical Geography Chapter 1

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The examination of the relationships between organisms and their environments is the science known as
Which of the following best describes absolute location?
a location 40 degrees north latitude and 90 degrees west longitude
The extent of an area or areas where a feature exists and the arrangements of the features in Earth space are central to the study of
physical geography
The arrangement of features in space is a
spatial distribution
The term “system” as defined by geographers, means
a set of objects linked together by their relationships to one another
The waters of the earth system contribute the
Physical geography’s major function is to study and learn about
Earth’s environments and the processes that influence them
Geography is often called the ________ science because it includes the recognition, analysis, and explanation of variations in phenomena as they are distributed on earth’s surface
The chain of processes in a system that operate in repeating or changing cycle is called
feedback loop
Equilibrium in most natural Earth subsystems generally means
interrelated factors in a system are in state of continual adjustment to each other
Which of the following best describes physical geography?
Integrating knowledge about a wide variety of features and processes involving all four of earth’s major subsystems
A condition that causes a system to change dramatically is a
Changes that vary within a range of tolerance is
dynamic equilibrium
A decrease in the levels of ozone in the ozone layer
may be related to human use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s)
The individual components of a system are called
Geographers are interested in how to divide and synthesize areas into meaningful spatial divisions called
The study of landforms and their development is called
A globe is an example of a _______ model and a map or a drawing are examples of a ________ model
The most important attribute of earth is that it is an _____ system, providing the precise combinations of objects and characteristics to permit the existence of life
An ecosystem if an example of a(n) ________ system since energy and matter are freely exchanged at its boundaries
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