Physical Geography of the United States and Canada

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Where are the rocky mountains located
From Alaska south to mexico, jagged snow-covered peaks more than 12,000 feet high
Where are the Appalachian Mountains located
from new found land in Canada to Alabama. Peaks only 1,200 and 2,400 feet high from erosion and weathering
According to your textbook what four mountains ranges are parts of the Appalachian system
Green and catskill mountain and Blue Ridge and the great smoky mountains.
What land form regions do the untied states and Canada share
Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Appalachian mountains, Interior Plains
What three sub regions make up the interior lowlands of North America
Interior Plains, the great plains and Canadian shield
why is north america the worlds leading food exporter
rich variety and abundance of natural resources
Where is the Mississippi River located
runs from the Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico
What is the St. Lawrence Seaway? What countries constructed the seaway
North Americans most important deep water ship route, United States and Canada constructed it
Define Lock. What purpose do locks serve for the St. Lawrence Seaway?
They lower or raise the water level allows the vessels to navigate bodies of water that are different levels
What is the Continental Divide
The line of highest points in the rockies that marks the separation
between rivers flowing eastward and westward
How did the early nomads of north america live?
They moved from place to place
what is the key resource of the Great Plains
Its freable soil
What invention spurred road building in the united states and Canada
Automobiles (cars)
Define Nomads
a person with no permant home who moves according to the season from place to place
Define Permafrost
permanently frozen ground
Define Everglades
A large subtropical swampland in Flordia of about 4,000 square mile
Define Canadian Shield
a northern part of the interior lowlands that is a rocky, flat region covering nearly two millions square mile and encircling Hudson Bay
What natural disasters does the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and cold Canadian air cause when they clash?
A winter storm or a cold front
What is the Piedmont region
The plateau between the coastal plain in the Appalachian mountain
What is the longest and busiest river system in the North American continent?
The Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio River
What land form region does the Sierra Nevada’s and Cascade Mountains border?
Runs parallel to the pacific coast line from California to Alaska (continental divide)
What land form region surrounds the Hudson Bay
The Arctic Cosatal Plains and the Canadian Sheild
where is Mt. Logan located?
The north west part of Canada or the interior plains
Where is the Gulf-Atlantic coastal plains located
The South-East coast of the United States
what are the Mississippi Rivers main tributaries
The Ohio and Missouri rivers are major rivers in their own right
Describe the tundra climate and vegetation. Where is this climate zone found?
Winters are long and bitterly cold while summers are breif and chilly (Arctic Coast of Alaska and Canada)
Describe the subarctic climate and vegetation. Where is the climate zone found?
Very cold winters and short mild summers (much of the the rest of Canada and Alaska)
Describe the humid continental climate zone. Where is the climate zone found?
Winters are cold and summers are warm (north Central and northeastern states and southern Canada)
Describe the marine west coast climate. Where is the climate zone found?
The pacific coast from northern California to southern Alaska, which includes British Columbia is marine west coast summers are moderate warm, winters and long and mild put rainy and foggy
Describe the humid subtropical climate. Where is the climate zone found?
Most southern states have humid subtropical climate which is summer are hot and muggy and winters are mild and cold summers are 75 degrees to 90 degrees
Describe both the desert and semi-arid climate zones. Where are these climates found
semi-arid climate only had about 15 inches of annually rainfall this is in the great plains and dry northern parts of the Great Basin. Southweat states have a desert climate weather hot and dry less that 10 inches of rainfall
Describe both the tropical wet and tropical wet and dry climate zones. Where are these climates found
In the united states only Hawaii and Southern Florida have tropical climates Hawaii has a tropical wet climate that supports rain forests, Florida has a tropical wet and dry climate is always warm but has wet and dry seasons
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