Unit 1 introduction to World geography "study guide"

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What is geography?
The study of earth and anything that can be mapped.
What is a geographer?
Someone who analyze the earth from many points.
What two basic question do geographers ask when studying earth?
1. Where are they located
2. Why are they there
What are the five things that geographers study?
1. Oceans
2. Plant life
3. Landforms
4. People
5. How earth is and the people effect
Each other
Explain absolute location and relative location?
1. Absolute location- describe the places exact and relative location. It describe the places exact position on the earth.

2. Relative location- explains where a place is describing places near it.

How would you describe the human features?
It discusses how many people live there what type of work they do.
How would you describe the physical features of a place?
You might say that the climate is hot or cold.
Which theme would geographers use to study the consequences of people’s actions?
Human-environment Interaction
Which theme helps geographers understand cultural changes?
People, good, and ideas move from one place to another
On maps, what do geographers use to show regions?
Color and shape or special symbols to show regions
What are the advantages and disadvantage of a globe.
They can not be complete enough to be useful and at the same time be small enough to be convenient
What are the advantage and disadvantage of a flat map
Maps are practical and easy to use but impossible to show earth and flat surfaces.
where was mercantilism +an accepted econmic practice
It was accepted in england
what was columbus hoping to achieve by sailing west where did the term america orginate
An explorer named amerigo
how did the competition play role in motivating european for land countries to explore.
they seem apperitiunes to trade and power
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