Western Civ Chapter 5

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The optimates and the populares were
political groups from the aristocratic class of Rome in the late republic.
Livy’s account of Cincinnatus
tells how the virtues of duty and simplicity in the behavior of leaders enabled Rome to survive in difficult times.
The first Triumvirate included
Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
By the latter republic, Roman slaves
often worked on the Roman latifundia.
The struggle of orders
was a peaceful struggle which resulted in political compromise.
Which Roman writer is most closely associated with the development of a new poetry at the end of the Roman Republic?
Rome set a precedent for treating its vanquished foes after forming the Roman Confederation by
offering the most favored “allied” peoples full Roman citizenship, thus giving them a stake in successful Roman expansion.
For the Romans, Italy’s geography
made Rome a natural crossroads and an area easy to defend.
As Rome expanded, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials known as
proconsuls and propraetors
The immediate cause of the first Punic War was
Rome sending an army to Sicily
As a result of the first Punic War
the Carthaginians were forced to withdraw from Sicily and pay indemnity to Rome.
What was the significance of Scipio Africanus in the second Punic War?
He fought Hannibal in Northern Africa and won the decisive Battle of Zama.
The result of the third Punic War was
the complete destruction and subjugation of Carthage.
The Roman senator who led the movement for the complete destruction of Carthage was
Originally the Roman senate
could only advise the magistrates in legal matters
The paterfamilias in Roman society was
the male head of the family
In their struggle with the patricians, Roman plebeians employed which of the following tactics?
a and b
The Romans’ most noticeable innovations in art and culture were found in
architecture and engineering
All of the following about the Etruscans are correct except they
expelled many of Rome’s patrician class and established a republic in Rome in 509 B.C.
all of the above
In Roman religion, a right relationship with the gods was achieved by
accurate performance of rituals and festivals
At the battle of Cannae the Romans
suffered a devastating defeat by Hannibal
By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar showed that he
was willing to disobey the direct orders of the Senate.
Julius Caesar
led military commands in Spain and especially Gaul that enhanced his popularity.
After imposed retirement from Roman politics, Cicero took up writing
philosophical treatises
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