World Geography Chap. 4 Sec. 1

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Natural resource
any material in nature that people use and value
renewable resource
A natural resource the is constantly being regenerated or replaced by the environment like soil (by the weathering of rocks) water by rain or melting snow.
Nonrenewable resource
a resource that cannot be reused or replaced easily (ex. gems, iron, copper, fossil fuels)
fossil fuel
a nonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago; examples include oil, coal, and natural gas
nuclear energy
An alternative energy source produced by fission, which is the splitting of uranium atoms in a nuclear reactor to release their stored energy.
water power
Energy produced from falling water to move machinery or generate electricity. This is a renewable energy source
Geothermal energy
the energy produced by heat within Earth
Solar energy
energy that comes from the sun. This is a renewable energy source.
Why does the value of certain natural resources vary?
The value of a resource depends on human needs and technology. The ways people use resources, where resources are located and how they are distributed and the affects on the earth are all important.
Why do some people and nations encourage the development of energy sources other than fossil fuels?
Fossil Fuels are the main energy sources. Many countries depend heavily on fossil fuels but few have sufficient supplies to meet their own needs. Many experts think they must region to replace their dependence on fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.
How does the distribution of resources around the world affect patterns of settlement and migration?
The earth’s natural resources are not evenly distributed around the world and this affects where people live, what sorts of economic actives they pursue and the trade networks that they develop. People often migrate where resources are available or in some cases, they buy the materials needed from other regions, developing a trade network.
Why is water scarcity a problem around the world?
Water is a renewable but limited resource. Population increases and drought are a big problem. The more people on earth, the more that need to be fed and the more water it takes to grow crops.
What are the cause and effects of drought
Damage of the land. trees and vegetation die. Crops fail and livestock die and the results are famine, disease and loss of life.
What can the government do to help solve the problem?
Help relocate people out of areas where farming is impossible, build structures to help move water to areas of need, and limit population growth.
What can engineers and scientist do?
Try to predict drought and teach farmers to use methods that help the land retain water.
How can citizens help?
conserve water use and be careful using things that can pollute water.
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