World Geography (Holt Mcdougal) unit 1 chapter 1, A Geographer’s World

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Is the study of the world, its people, and the landscapes they create.
All the human and physical features that make it unique.
Social science
Is a field that studies people and the relationship among them.
Is a part of the world that has one or more common features that distinguish it from surrounding areas.
Is a flat drawing that shows all or part of Earth’s surface.
Is a spherical, or bal-shaped, model of the entire planet.
Five themes of geography
Location, place, region, movement and human-environment interaction.
Absolute location
A specific description of a location.
Relative location
A general description of where a place lies.
Surrounding, ambience, includes its land, water, climate, plants, and animals.
Physical geography
Is the study of the world’s physical features- its landforms, bodies of water, climates, soils, and plants.
Human geography
Is the study of the worlds’ people, communities, and landscapes.
The science of making maps.
The study of weather and what causes it.
Six essentials elements
1)The world in spatial terms,
2)human system,3)places and region, 4)physical systems, 5)environment and society,
6) the uses of geography.
The study of water on Earth.
3 levels geographers looks at places
Local level,
Regional level,
Global level.
Local level
geographers ask simple questions. Geographers can help improve peoples lives, and help the town plan for future changes. VIP
Regional level
Share kinds of characteristics. Big chunk of the world.
Global level
Geographer just don’t study a big chunk they rather study the whole world. Places that doesn’t have the same characteristics.
Tools that geographers use
Map, globe, satellites, computer programs, measuring devices, notebook and tape recorder.
Describes where something is.
Describes the features that make a site unique.
Looks at how and why people and things move.
Human-environment interactions
Interaction of people with the environment.
A part.
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