Ancient History Chapter 12 Practice for Test

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True or false: Many of Rome’s literary works have served as models for other writers for centuries and are still enjoyed today.
True or False: Civil law is based on a written code of laws, like the one created in Rome.
True or False: The Roman Empire expanded in response to political threats, economic opportunities, and some emperors’ desire for a good fight.
True or False: Hadrian’s Wall was built as a trade route between northern and southern Britain.
True or False: Despite Cicero’s call for a return to monarchy, Julius Caesar refused to take the title of king.
True or False: The Roman Senate gave Julius Caesar the title of Augustus.
True or False: All Romans rejoiced after the death of Julius Caesar.
True or False: Roman engineering achievements include the use of concrete and the construction of aqueducts.
True or False: Roman coins were considered worthless by many traders.
True or False: Some of Rome’s greatest legacies to our world include mathematics and acupuncture.
Julius Caesar seized power from the ____________________ and became dictator of the entire Roman Republic.
Rome’s greatest general who became dictator for life
Julius Caesar
Philosopher and orator who wanted to restore the checks and balances system
Assistant to Julius Caesar who became one of the leaders of Rome
Queen of Egypt and an ally of Caesar
Rome’s first emperor
Virgil wrote an epic poem called the
What did traders from China bring to Rome that was especially popular?
What three factors contributed to the growth of trade in the Roman Empire?
currency, raw materials, travel
A Roman-controlled region that lay outside of the city was called a
Who was Galen?
a doctor
All of the following were reasons land was added to the Roman Empire except to
*promote literacy.
*collect resources.
*control neighbors.
*fight battles.
promote literacy.
Which word best describes the Roman approach to science and engineering?
During Pax Romana, the
quality of life for Romans improved.
Under Hadrian’s rule, Romans conquered __________________.
Octavian became sole ruler after
Marc Antony died.
What can you infer about Caesar from this passage?
“Caesar, having divided his forces . . . and having hastily [quickly] constructed some bridges, enters their country in three divisions, burns their houses and villages, and gets possession of a large number of cattle and men.”-Julius Caesar
He wrote his own history so that people would remember his greatness.
The period of great peace in the Roman Empire is referred to as the
Pax Romana.
Which of the following best describes why Marc Antony and Octavian became enemies?
Marc Antony divorced Octavian’s sister to become co-ruler of Egypt.
Define villa.
country home
What is not an achievement of the Romans?
Which leader seized power from the Senate and became dictator of the entire Roman Republic?
Julius Caesar
Roman roads were built primarily in order to allow
Rome’s armies to travel through the empire.
Defines satire.
a piece of writing that pokes fun at people or society
Describe life for poor Romans in the cities.
They had crowded and dangerous living conditions but were able to enjoy
Cicero wanted the Romans to give power to
the Senate.
What material did the Romans invent that helped their structures last?
Roman traders agreed that they could travel on trade routes across rivers, seas, and oceans, and they could use currency to trade goods. But, they would not agree that they could
keep our trade within Europe.
Roman architecture and art were largely based on
Greek ideas.
What conclusion can you draw about the importance of Roman portraits?
We can learn about individual Romans from them.
What was the official language of the Roman Empire?
The Roman language influenced how people speak and write today because
modern languages are based on the Roman language.
Define a fresco.
a painting done on plaster
Describe the cycle of trade within and outside of the empire.
Provinces provided raw materials. Products were made.
Traders exchanged Roman
goods for goods from other countries.
What is the main reason why the Roman language spread to the farthest parts of the empire?
The Romans conducted business in their language.
Augustus improved life for the Roman people by
improving and expanding Rome’s road network.
In 27 BC the Senate changed Octavian’s name to
As a general, Julius Caesar conquered most of what region?
What event marked the beginning of the Roman Empire?
the naming of Augustus
Roman law inspired a system called
civil law.
Romans studied science and engineering to
find ways to improve their lives.
Define an orator.
a public speaker
Describe how Caesar responded to the Senate and Pompey after the war in Gaul.
He led his army into Italy.
After Caesar’s rule, Octavian
worked to capture Caesar’s killers.
How did Roman law spread around the world?
It was heavily enforced throughout the empire.
All of the following are examples of entertainment in Rome except
*shipbuilding contests. *gladiator fights.
*chariot races.
*comic plays.
shipbuilding contests.
By AD 117, the Roman Empire had expanded to include
everything that bordered the Mediterranean.
Describe why the Romans called the Mediterranean “Our Sea.”
The Romans controlled all the land surrounding the sea.
What did Hadrian build in northern Britain?
a huge wall
What important event took place on the Ides of March?
A group of senators killed Caesar.
What event caused many Romans to fear that Caesar would become king?
Caesar was named dictator for life.
What was the best way to create a huge open area within a building?
combine a set of arches
Octavian took power from Marc Antony by
defeating Marc Antony’s fleet in the Battle of Actium.
What helped trade grow beyond the empire’s borders?
the wide acceptance of Roman coins
What is the main reason that prompted Romans to build houses in the country?
to escape the crowds and responsibilities of Rome
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