Ancient History: Egypt

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Who built the greatest pyramid for himself?
Who is the Egyptian sun god?
Who is the god of the gate keeper after death?
Who was the most beautiful Egyptian woman?
What kingdom was Hapsetshut from?
New Kingdom
Who was the first female pharaoh?
What kingdom was Imhotep from?
Old Kingdom
Who was the vizier that was so wise, he was considered a god after death?
Who united the Lower and Upper parts of Egypt?
Who wrote sayings and quotes?
Who took the thrown over from his mother and tried to erase all memory of her?
Tutmose 3
Who conquered Egypt with bronze weapons?
What kingdom did the 10 plagues occur?
New Kingdom
What kingdom did pyramids occur?
Old Kingdom
What was the Old Kingdom known as?
Age of the Pyramids
What was the Middle Kingdom known as?
Age of the People
What New Kingdom pharaoh ruled from age 9-18 and died suddenly?
What was Tutankhamen’s greatest contribution?
His tomb
What were the contributions from Egypt?
Papyrus, Earliest medical and dental treatment, Mummification, Number based system on 10’s
After Ramses 2, what happened?
Egypt declined until the Assyrians conquered
Who is Imhotep?
Old Kingdom vizier who built the first pyramid and was very wise. His tomb has yet to be discovered and was the only non-royal to be considered a god after death.
Who is Nefertiti?
She was considered the most beautiful queen and tried to turn Egypt into a monotheistic society and serve Aten, god of the sun-disc and sun rays. She was also the mother of Tutankhamen.
An object thought to protect it’s owner from evil.
Sign for “life” beyond the tomb and is the most known amulet.
What did the canonic jars hold and who watched over them?
Lungs (hapy), Liver (imsety), Stomach (duamutef), and Intestines (qebhsenuef)
What was the Ba?
A bird with a human head to protect the body after death.
What was the Ka?
Spirit that stayed with the person after death.
Where was Lower Egypt?
Northern Nile River
Where was Upper Egypt?
Southern Nile River
What did the pharaoh own?
What is the greatest pyramid?
Pyramids of Giza
What type of religion did the Egyptians have?
What were the three main gods?
Re (sun god)
Hapi (river god)
Osiris (eternal life god)
How did a person get into the afterlife?
By being a good person and knowing magic spells
What revolt occurred in the Middle Kingdom?
A revolt against pharaohs
Building projects like canals and dams were a higher priority in what kingdom?
Middle Kingdom
What was the New Kingdom known as?
Age of the Empire
What did Hatshepsut do?
stopped warfare and created peace and trade with others
Who had the longest reign?
Ramses 2 for 67 years
Who had the largest family?
Ramses 2 with 90+ male children
What chemical was used to preserve the mummies?
What protected Egypt from invasion?
The desert
How far did people live away from the Nile River?
10 miles maximum
How did Egyptians react to the yearly flood?
They were excited
What did Egyptians build to control the flood?
Who was Sargon?
He invaded and conquered Sumer and built the first known empire.
Who was Hammurabi?
He carved the “Code of Hammurabi” on stone pillar so people could see the laws and obey them.
How did the geography of the Fertile Crescent help leaders conquer and unify Mesopotamia?
The land and rivers were easy to cross and all the city-states were near each other.
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