Ancient history Rome

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Man made canals used to trap water
Civil law
A form of law based on written code of laws
The family father
Priests in Ancient Rome who specialized in interpretation of the natural phenomena sent by the gods
The site of chariot races in Ancient Rome
A language of Ancient Rome
A home in the country
Synthesized the knowledge of others in a single theory in astronomy
A physician who lived in Rome during the Ads 100s
What types of entertainment was held in the circus and coliseum
They had the gladiators and the chariot races and foot races theatres and plays
What ways was Ancient Roman society patriarchal
The women could own land and could synthesize religion devotion and obedience
What did the roman poet mean when he said that the poor were only interested in bread and circuses
At the circuses the Romans would feed the people it did not approve the lifestyle
How is the influence of Rome still felt in the area of language
They created languages such as latin
What were some of the advances made by the ancient Ronan’s that made them a first in engineering
They created plumbing and roads and arches
How did the influence of Ancient Rome spread through the worlds legal systems
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