AP World History-Chapter 4- Ancient Iran

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What is Persia now known as?
Iran and Iraq
Who inhabited Persia?
Indo Aryans
How do historians know about the Persian empire?
Viewed through the eyes of the Greeks-outsiders who were ignorant at best, usually hostile, and interested primarily in events that affected themselves
Persian ruler in the 6th century BCE; first ruler of the Achaemenid Empire
How was ancient Iran different from the Nile, Indus, and Mesopotamian River Valleys?
it never had a dense population
What are Persian rulers now called?
Achaemenids, since they traced their lineage to an ancestor named Achaemes
Which three classes was society divided into?
Warriors, priests, and peasants
Who was the most illustrious individual of the warrior class?
Where did Cyrus crown his son king in 539 BCE?
Mesopotamia, where the Neo-Babylonian empire ruled after collapse of Assyrian power
Who was Cyrus’s son that was crowned king?
Cambyses II
Where did Cambyses II set sights on for conquering land?
Darius I
Seized the throne after Cambyses
Extended Persian control eastward to Indus River and westward into Europe
Prompted the development of maritime routes
Completed a canal linking the Red Sea and the Nile
How were Persian kings able to maintain communication through their empire?
They had spies and royal roads throughout the empire
way stations were built at intervals to receive important travelers and couriers containing official correspondence
Garrisons controlled people’s movements
How many provinces did Darius divide the empire?
Each province was under the supervision of whom?
A satrap
A governor who collected and sent tribute to the king
What form of taxes did the provinces pay in?
Precious metals or food
Administrative center of the empire
What roles did women play in the empire?
Protected family members and mediated conflicts
Could be influential
Traveled openly and owned property
Kept money flowing in the upper class
Built by Darius I and his son Xerxes used for ceremonies of special importance to the Persian king and people
The work of Zoroaster
Revealed that the world had been created by Ahuramazda, the “Wise Lord,” and was threatened by Angra Mainyu, the “Hostile Spirit.”
Which two religions did Zoroastrianism influence?
Judaism and Christianity
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