History of the Ancient World (Susan Wise Bauer) – Chapter 13 – The First Military Dictator

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Between 2334 and 2779 he built an empire
cupbearer of Ur-Zababa
Duties of Cupbearer
butler but also second only to the king; controlled who had an audience with the king; tasted the king’s wine and food to protect him from poison.
The dividing point between the Early Dynastic Period and the Akkadian Period
Sargon’s accession (2334 BC)
Some of Sargon’s accomplishments
-Tried to standardize weights and measures within his borders
-Put into place and Egyptian-style tax system
-Kept old ruling families in his court to advise and control their cities better
The throne of Agade
what Sargon’s family /descendants kept for over 100 years, longer than any of the Sumerian dynasty
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