History Test: Ancient Japan and Korea

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King Sejong
Introduced Hangul to replace the Chinese alphabet
Four Main Islands
Hokkaidu, Hanshu, Kushu, Shikaku
Impact of Geography: Japan
Isolated and protected them
Yamato Clan
Earliest Japanese society
Set up first dynasty
Looked to China for influence
Worshipped the forces of nature
Shrines dedicated to objects in nature
Not a mainstream religion
Chinese influences on Japan
Nobles spoke, dressed, cooked, had ceremonies, scholars, music, dance, and gardens
Kana- phonetic symbols
Buddhism/ Confucianism- pagota, architecture, monatraries grew rich and powerful, impacted government
Characteristics of Heian Period
Wealthy families held the power
Married their daughters to the head of the throne
Lived in elegant and elaborate courts
The Pillow Book
Written by Sei Shonagon
Stories about life in the Japanese culture
Code of honor
Seppiku- ritual suicide if a warrior broke Bushido
Impact of Location: Korea
Influenced by Chinese culture, politics, and language
Three Kingdoms
1. Koryo: northern, largest
2. Paekche: southwestern, middle sized
3. Shilla: southeastern, smallest
Koreans retained their independence and adapted Chinese ideas
Buddhism reached its greatest influence in Japan
Third kingdom
Adapted Hangul system of writing
Yi Song-gye
Brilliant Korean general that set up the Choson dynasty
Tokugawa Influence
Centralized feudalism
Upheld a strict moral code
Improved the economy
Population grew due to surplus of food
Zen Buddhism
Emphasized: meditation, devotion to duties, uncluttered mind, stressed compassion
Some beliefs are contradictory
A new form of drama
Based on No Plays
Comedies and drama
Performed by men
Sun goddess that Yamato clan claimed descent from
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Defeated his rivals to become master of Japan
Set up Tokugawa Shogunate
Lady Muraski
Wrote the tale of Gengi, the first novel
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
General who brought Japan under his control
Divine winds
Clan gods or goddesses
Nature spirits
Miniature poems
Japanese Art
Japanese paintings often reflected the influence of Chinese landscape paintings
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