The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9

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Silk Road
Overland route where merchants carried goods for trade
What were the two routes of the Silk Road
– One that connected to Eastern Mediterranean to Central Asia
– One that went from Central Asia to China
What was the sea route used to reach Rome
– The Mediterranean
What was the sea route used to reach Japan
– The Pacific
What was traded on the Silk Road mostly by the Mediterraneans
Olives, olive oil, and wine
What was traded on the Silk Road mostly by the Indians
Fine cotton textiles
What was traded on the Silk Road mostly by the East Africans
What was traded on the Silk Road mostly by the Arabians
Incense and spices and tortoise shells
What was traded on the Silk Road mostly by the Chinese
– Silk (only produced in China for a millennium)
– Raw materials like jade, silver, and iron
What was the process used by the Chinese to create silk
It was spun from the cocoons of mulberry tree-eating worms. The process was kept secret
Why did the Chinese keep the formula to create silk secretive
The lion’s share of Chinese wealth came from slk production
What did the Chinese use silk for
Fishing line, to buy off nomadic raiders to keep things peaceful, and to write on (before they invented paper)
What was silk mostly used for and why (as an export)
– Clothing
– It felt light in the summer and warm in the winter
– Wearing clothes made of silk was a way of showing wealth
Who were used for taking items from point A to point B
Central Asian Nomadic Herders
What was the Silk Road’s wider economic impact
– Very few people could afford silk but a lot of people devoted their lives in making silk
– As the market grew more and more people wanted to go into silk production
What were the ideas traded on the Silk Road
– Primary route for the spread of Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism
– The variation of Buddhism that took root in China, Korea, Japan, and Central Asia
– Differed from Buddha’s teachings in many ways
– The Buddha is divine
– Idea of Nirvana changed to a more heavenly perspective (in some cases there are many heavens)
What were the diseases that spread through the Silk Road
– Measles and Smallpox
– Bubonic Plague
Bubonic Plague
– Also known as the Black Death
– Came from the from the East to the West in 534, 750, and- most devastatingly- in 1346
– Resulted in the largest population decimation in human history
How many Europeans died in the four-year period of the Bubonic Plague.
Nearly half of European population
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