World History trivia for midterm exam

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The Phoenicians were good at what that allowed them to have colonies
Sailing and building ships
What was different about king tut
product of incest, youngest, and we have his entire tomb
Define cultural diffusion
the spread of ideas, customs, and technology, from one people to another
2 gods or goddesses in egypt
isis, Osiris, amon-re, re, Anubis, horus
What is the name of the written Sumerian language
What dynasty is first to take shape in Chinese history
shang dynasty
the Phoenicians created the first what in ancient history
What is the name of the Sumerian religious pyramid
4 of the 7 basic features of a civilization (all are listed)
government, job specializations, city, main religion, architecture, writing, and social classes
what was 1 of the 2 most influential rivers to the major Chinese societies (both are listed)
yellow river and huang river
Persian empire spread first widespread religion what is it called
first female Egyptian ruler
what is the first civilization founded in Mesopotamia
What part of Hinduism was the most influential on Indian society
caste system
What was Hammurabi’s code
first codified law system in ancient world
What is the story of the flood called
the epic of gilgamesh
what is anthropology
Study of people through their societies not their material objects
Egyptian king title
1 of 2 major cities built on the Indus River
Mojen-Daro, Happo
Which ruler helped bring Babylon to power
First settlement between Tigris and Euphrates
what do archaeologist study
Study of people through their material objects
Egypt is located on what delta
Indian civilization is on what river
Indus river
Archaeologists study____, or objects made by humans
The keeping of animals and the growing of food on a regular basis is know as_____
Domesticated agriculture
_____Skilled workers who made products such as weapons and jewelry
How did early humans adapt in order to survive
Following animal migrations
During which age did the agricultural revolution lead to the development of civiliztions
Where did many early river civilizations develop
river valleys
Why were paleolithic people nomads
They had to follow animal migrations
Into which areas did early humans spread most recently
North and south america
Why was writing important to many early governments
to keep records
The first examples of technological innovation such as the making of stone tools occurred during which of the following time periods
Paleolithic age
Which of the following is not associated with the people of the neolithic age
the development of simple stone tools
What term best describes a large number of people who share many common social religious and governmental elements and live in and around a city or cities
All of the following statements are true regarding archaeological research except which one
They study artifacts which are human fossils
What was the most important use for writing in early history
Accurate record keeping
___is the belief in one god rather than many gods
in a _____, ruling power is passed from one generation to the next
Who invented the alphabet that influenced the Greeks and Romans
What reflects a principle is the code of hammurabi
an eye for an eye
Where did the Phoenicians trade
along the Mediterranean sea
The mandate of heaven refers to whose responsibilities
rulers to their subjects
What was vital to the success of Mesopotamian agriculture
controlling the flow of the rivers for irrigation
What culture is best known for its alphabet
What were Israelites know for
The widely used alphabet they created
Why was ancient china’s mandate of heaven double edged
It gave the king absolute ruling power, but he was expected to keep the gods pleased to keep his power
How did the implementation of laws such as the code of Hammurabi affect the people of ancient societies
It unified the various peoples and laws within an empire
What geographic feature determined the location of the early river civilizations in Egypt Mesopotamia china and india
rivers and valleys
how was the silk road associated with the development of cities
Increased trade along this route helped to establish cities within major empires
How did the physical geography of Greece affect the Greeks
a. It helped make their city-states fiercely independent
What best describes sparta
d. a military state focused on the art of war
How did Cleisthenes create a foundation for democracy in Athens
b. By giving the Athenian assembly a central political role
What was alexander the greats cultural legacy
b. The spread of greek language architecture literature and art
How did Spartan woman differ from their counterparts in the rest of the greek world
b. they were allowed to voted on the passage of laws
Which of the following was the Macedonian king who established his empire over three continents spreading greek culture throughout southwestern asia
How did geographic features influence the diffusion and settlement of both the Phoenician and Greek traders
a. Both had access to the Mediterranean sea
How did Pericles influence the functioning of the Athenian government
b. He expanded direct democracy to new classes of free men
What was the primary focus of the city-state of sparta
d. War and fighting
What best describes the historical significance of Ancient Greece
a. Much of todays western culture is founded on ancient greek culture
what was the primary focus of the citystate of athens and education
in modern society you can see the greek influence on
government theater sports
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