Your questions: Pre-History and Ancient History

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It started when agriculture was invented, about 10,000 years ago (in about the year 8,000 B.C.E.)
When did the Neolithic age start?
The people used copper, tin, bronze, iron, gold and silver in the Metal Ages.
What were the metals that people used in the Metal Ages?
Writing was invented in Mesopotamia.
Where was writing invented?
The Celts, Iberians and Tartessians (and Celtiberians).
What were the tribes that lived in the Iberian peninsula in the earliest times of Ancient History?
What form of government did the ancient Greeks invent?
What was the language of the ancient Romans?
The Celts lived in the North and Central regions of the peninsula,whereas the Iberians lived in the South and East, on the Mediterranean coast. The Celts were warriors, but the Iberians weren’t. The Iberians traded with the Phoenicians and Greeks, but the Celts didn’t. The Celts built round stone houses, whereas the Iberians’ houses were rectangular. The Iberians made the Dama de Elche, not the Celts.
What are some differences between the Celts and Iberians?
They lived in the Guadalquivir valley.
Where did the Tartessians live?
The Iberians
Who made the Dama de Elche?
The Iberians
Who traded with the Greeks and Phoenicians?
They lived on the Mediterranean coast (in the south and east).
Where did the Iberians live?
The Romans
When the Carthaginians fought against Rome to control the peninsula, who won?
The Greeks
Who brought olive trees and grapes to the Iberian peninsula?
The Phoenicians
Who were iron-workers?
Animal skins
What were clothes made of in the Paleolithic Age?
Wool and fibre clothing, cheese, AGRICULTURE (among other things)
What things were invented in the Neolithic Age?
The wheel and Metal tools and weapons (among other things)
What things were invented in the Metal Ages?
Ancient History ended with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 C.E.
With what event did Ancient History end?
In Egypt and Greece (as well as the Roman Empire)
Where did great civilizations develop in Ancient times?
They conquered the peninsula from 218 B.C.E. to 19 C.E. (Then they ruled the peninsula – Hispania – for about 500 years).
When did the Romans conquer the peninsula?
Because they had invented agriculture. They were farmers, and they needed to stay in one place to take care of their crops and animals.
Why did Neolithic people start to be more sedentary?
in Altamira
Where are the most famous Paleolithic cave paintings in the Iberian peninsula?
It began about 5,500 years ago (when writing was invented in Mesopotamia).
How long ago did Ancient History begin?
Castros are the fortified villages built by the Celts on hills.
What are “castros”?
The Carthaginians
Who founded the colongy of Cartago Nova (Cartagena)?
The Carthaginians
Which colonizing people came from North Africa?
About one million years ago
When did the first humans come to Europe?
In the Metal Ages
When was the wheel invented?
Writing was invented (and Ancient History began)
What happened that made the Metal Ages end?
From the Eastern Mediterranean region (Western Asia).
Where did the Phoenicians come from?
What did the Romans call the Iberian peninsula when it was a part of their empire?
Grapes and olives (among other things)
What did the Greeks bring to the Iberian peninsula?
The Greeks
Who invented democracy?
The people of the Neolithic age
Who started living in the first villages?
Both the Celts and the Iberians built fortified towns on hills.
Which Ancient tribes built fortified towns on hills?
The Roman theatre in Mérida, the Aqueduct of Segovia and Complutum in Alcalá de Henares Also, there are Roman roads and bridges (among many other things).
What things can you see today that the Romans built?
Prehistory began when the first humans developed (In Europe: when the first humans arrived in Europe).
When did Pre-History begin?
The three periods of Pre-History are the Paleolithic, the Neolithic and the Metal Ages.
What are the three periods of prehistory? (full sentence)
Nomadic means that the people moved from place to place. They didn’t live in one place.
What does “nomadic” mean?
They were made of stone, bone and wood.
What were Paleolithic tools made of?
The nomadic people of the Paleolithic age moved from place to place to search for food (by hunting, fishing and gathering). Later, people were sedentary because they were farmers, and they had to stay and care for their crops and animals.
Why did the nomads move from place to place during the Paleolithic age? And, later, why did the sedentary people stay in one place?
In the Metal Ages
When was the wheel invented?
Both the Celts and the Iberians had fortified cities on hills.The Celtic cities were called “castros”, and had round houses. The Iberian ones had rectangular houses.
Who had walled cities on hills?
The Phoenicians
Who colonized Cádiz?
The Carthaginians fought against the Romans to control the Iberian peninsula.
Who fought with the Romans, and why?
Pre-Hisotry ended when humans invented writing (and History could finally be written down!)
Why did Prehistory end?
Prehistory ended about 5,500 years ago, when writing was invented (about 3,500 B.C.E.)
When did Prehistory end?
The ancient Romans
Who spoke Latin?
In the Paleolithic
In what period did they discover fire?
In the Paleolithic
In what age did humans begin to speak?
Ancient History
Which age ended with the fall of the Roman empire?
The Middle Ages
Which age BEGAN with the fall of the Roman empire?
Paleolithic, Neolithic, Metal Ages, Ancient History, Middle Ages
Put these ages in order: Ancient History, Paleolithic, Middle Ages, Metal Ages, Neolithic
There are 3 eras: the Paleolithic, the Neolithic and the Metal Ages.
How many eras are there in Pre-History? Say the names.
They made clothes with them.
What did Paleolithic people do with animal skins?
“Sedentary” means that people stay and live in one place. They don’t move from place to place.
What does “sedentary” mean?
In the Metal Ages, people discovered how to use metal to make weapons and tools. Also, they invented the wheel.
What was a great invention of the Metal Ages?
The Paleolithic
What was the earliest era of Prehistory?
It started when people developed agriculture and became sedentary, about 10,000 years ago (in about 8,000 B.C.E.).
When did the Neolithic period start?
They were made of wool and plant fibers.
What were the clothes of the Neolithic era made of?
They moved from place to place in order to find or hunt for food.
How did “nomads” live during the Paleolithic age?
The Metal Ages started when humans learned to use metals to make tools and weapons, about 6,000 years ago.
When did the Metal Ages start?
The Celts, Iberians and Tartessians (and Celtiberians)
Which three tribes lived in the Iberian peninsula at the start of Ancient History?
They lived in the north and central regions of the peninsula.
Where did the Celts live?
They were metal-workers, farmers, artisans and traders.
Which were the jobs of the Iberians?
Romanization was the process by which Roman culture was introduced into the Iberian peninsula. The local people adopted Roman customs.
What does “Romanization” mean?
The Iberians
Which tribe lived in the southeast of the Iberian peninsula in early Ancient History?
Yes, they did.
Did Neolithic people begin living in little villages?
Yes, they were.
Were Neolithic people sedentary?
About 6,000 years ago, when the Metal Ages began
When did people start using metals?
Yes, it did.
Did Ancient History begin with the invention of writing?
Yes, they did. These towns were called “castros”.
Did the Celts live in fortified towns on hills?
Yes, they did.
Did the Iberians live in walled cities on hills?
No, they didn’t. The Phoenicians founded the colony of Gadir (today’s Cádiz). The Greeks founded Emporion (today’s Ampurias).
Did the Greeks found a colony in Gadir (Cádiz)?
They fought against the Carthaginians
Who did the Romans fight against for the Iberian peninsula?
In Alcalá de Henares. It was a Roman town.
Where is Complutum located?
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