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How did the Gi bill help veterans?
Gave GI’s help finding jobs, education, and home purchases.
What was Truman’s domestic plan called?
Fair Deal
What act limited the power of labor unions?
Taft-Hartley Act
Which person broke the color barrier of major league baseball, and for which team did he play?
Jackie Robinson; Brooklyn Dodgers
Which Supreme Court case mandated that public schools in America integrate “with all deliberate speed”?
Brown v. Board of Education
Name the civil rights leaders–one man and one woman–who were instrumental in ending segregation on public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama.
Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.
What are the three bodies of the United Nations? Which body is the strongest?
General Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat; Strongest is Security Council
Which section of germany came under communist control?
Eastern part of Germany
What changed occurred in Japan under U.S supervision?
1 helped the Japanese write a new constitution
2 elected legislative body
3 gave rights to all citizens
4 women got to vote.
What plan was developed for giving aid to Europe after the war.
The Marshall Plan
What did Winston Churchill call the barrier between communist controlled countries and the wast
Iron Curtain
What idea promoted the use of the military aid to carry out the United States containment policy?
Truman Doctrine
How did the United states keep West Berlin from falling into communist hands?
Berlin airlift–carried supplies to West Berlin
What military alliance was formed to halt the threat of soviet aggression in Europe?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What alliance did the Soviet Union form to challenge NATO?
Warsaw Pact
Who was the leader of free china? Who led the communist takeover of china?
Mao Zedong; Chiang Kai-shek
Whom did truman choose to lead the U.N force in korea?
Douglas MacArthur
What alliance was started to contain communist in southern Asia?
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
What Latin American country turned communist in 1959? Who became its leader?
Cuba; Fidel Castro
Who was elected president in 1952? What party did he represent?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
What were the president’s three great domestic accomplishments?
completed St. Lawrence Seaway, beginning of interstate highway system, Alaska and Hawaii were added as states
How did the St. Lawrence Seaway benefit the United States and Canada?
Because it allowed ocean-going vessels to sail to the Great Lakes, it
1. helped economies in both countries
2. turned Great Lake cities into major seaports
3. was used to provide electrical power
Who devised a plan for helping the war-torn countries of Europe?
George Marshall
What legislation initiated the interstate highway system?
Federal Aid Highway Act
What two states entered the Union in 1959?
Alaska and Hawaii
baby boom
a large number of babies are born
green revolution
improvements in farming methods
describes Joseph McCarthy’s dishonest and reckless way of rooting out Communists
Cold War
tensions between US and USSR that did not erupt into military conflict, but created disputes and fears of a third world war
peaceful coexistence
an agreement between US and USSR to settle problems without fighting
Fidel Castro
Chiang Kai-shek
Free China
Ho Chi Minh
Nikita Khrushchev
Soviet Union
Mao Zedong
Communist China
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