Chapter 16 Global Studies Test

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The two major alliances before World War I were _______________ and ________________.
Triple Alliance and Triple Entent
Nationlism was alive by the Slavic Minorities in the ____________ and __________________.
Balkans and Hapsburg Empire
The Irish dreamed of nationalism from _________________.
British Empire
The Poles dreamed of nationalism from _________________.
Russian Empire
Most Western countrieshad established __________________ a military draft.
________________ is the aggressive preparation for war.
________ was suported by Russia.
____________________ the heir to teh throne of Austria-Hungary Empire.
Archduke Francis Ferinand
___________________ succeed in fatally shooting teh archduke and his wife.
Gavrilo Princip
Emperor _____________ of Germany gave Austria-Hungary a _________________ promising Germany’s full support.
William II ; “blank check”
__________ Was determined to support Serbia’s cause
On July 28, _________________ order partial mobilization of Russian army againist Austria-Hungary
Czar Nicholas II
________________ is the process of assembling troops and supplies
A two front war with France and Russia is called_________________.
Schlieffen Plan
War was declared war on France and issused an ultimatum to _____________ demanding the _________________ troops be allowed to pass.
Belgian ; German
On August 4, _____________________ ddeclared war on Germany.
Great Britian
In fact, _______________was allied with France and_______________.
Britain ; Russia
By August 4, all the ___________________ of Europe were at war.
Great powers
Before 1914, many political leaders tought was to be ___________________.
Government __________________ had worked in stirring up national hatreds before the war.
In August 1914, most people seemed genuinely convinced that their nation’s cause was ____________
The German Schlieffen Plan called for the German army to sweep around _________________ and surrounded most of teh hFrench army.
The German afvance was halted at ___________.
The war quickly turned into a ______________.
The unexpected development of ___________________ on the Western Front baffled military leaders.
Trench warfare
In 10 months at ______________ France, in 1916, seven hundred thousand men lost their lives over a few miles of land.
By the end of 1915, _______________ began to be used in war for the first time.
Bulgaria came into the war on the side of the __________________, and the Allies declared war ont the Ottoman Empire.
Central powers
By 1917, the war that had started in Europe had truly become a _________________.
World conflict
The Allies took advantage of the war to seize German ________________ in the rest of the world.
The United States tried to remain neutral, but ______________ submarine warfare by the Germans brought America into the war in 1917.
World War I affected the lives of all citizens in the warring countries, however remote they might be from the _____________.
____________________ regimes such as Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary relied on force to subdue their populations.
In some countries, the role played by women in wartime econmic had a ______________ impact on the women’s movement for social and political ________________.
Positive, emancipation
Russia was _______________ for the total war of World War I.
_______________________ was increasingly cut off from events by his wife.
Czar Nicholas II
In March 1917, a series of strikes led by ________________ started in Petrograd.
Nicholas ordered troops to break up crowds by _______________ if necessary.
A socialist group, the ______________, represented the radical intrests of lower classes.
The Bolsheviks were a ______________ party called the Russian Social Democrats.
The Bolsheviks came under the leadership of V.I. _____________
They became a party dedicated to _____________ revolution.
“Peace, _____________, Bread” was one solgan of the Bolshevik program.
On November 6, 1917, the Bolshevik seized the ________________________.
Winter Place
Real power stayed with the ______________ headed by Lenin.
Many people were ________________ to the Bolshevik, or Communist, regime.
Allied forces gave _________________ to anticommunist forces.
Material aid
By 1920, major opposition to the communists had been ____________.
On July 16, 1918, soviets _______________ Czar Nicholas and his family
Lenin and the communists ______________ in the civil war.
Leon Trosky organized a well disacplined ______________.
Red Army
The Communists had a ______________ sense of pourpose.
Single minded
Secert police began a ________________ aimed at crushing dissent.
Red terror
Allied _______________ ont he western front had been badly defeated.
The entry of the United States into teh war in 1917 gave the Allies a much-needed _____________________ boost.
The withdrawl of the Russians allowed Germany to concentrate on the __________________.
Western Front
After Williams II’s departure, the_______________in Germany Germany under Frederick Elbert announce the creation of a_______________ republic.
Social Democrats, democratic
Intense at revolution left German middle class with deep fear of __________________.
________________ among the nations that succeeded Austria – hungray would weaken eastern Europe for the next 80 years.
In January 1919, representatives of 27 victorious allied nations met in_________ to make a final settlement of World War I.
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson portrayed World War I as people’s war againist “__________________ and ____________________”.
Absolutism and militarism
What car would be built in less than three hours?
The Ford model T
List two things consumers could now do with their time.
A. Ride bikes
B. Buy new consumer goods
What was the most popular spectator sport?
What happened on April 14, 1912?
The titanic sunk
List two conditions of the working class.
Bad living conditions and 12 hour workdays
What happened at the triangle garment factory?
(March 25, 1911 N.Y, N.Y) 146 died in all, a fire swept through the company. Exit doors have been locked from inside in violation of safety laws, the workers mostly other girls, died inside or jumped to their deaths
What was the philosophy of Eugene Debs?
What office did he run for?
He ran for president in 19 tall as the socialist parties candidate. He’s at 6% of the popular vote
List four new technologies that were used in World War I?
a. Machine guns
B. Barbed wire
C. More powerful artillery
D. Airplanes and poison gas
Name the battle where the soldiers taken two front in taxicabs?
The first battle of Marne
On the Western front, where did soldiers live?
What was the area between the opposing groups of soldiers called?
No man’s land
What was special about Christmas 1914 during World War I?
Truce was called and French, German, and French troops met and exchanged gifts
I really wanted to get it independence from this country.
Who wanted the right to vote in national elections?
Who did the women help in the war effort?
They worked in munitions factories and hospitals
What you say elected the first woman representative to Congress?
Montana, Jeanette Rankin, 1916
Amendment to the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote?
What was the sound the bands played?
What was the title of the movie about the Civil War?
“The birth of a nation”
When the African-Americans left the rual south, where did they move to?
Chicago and other major cities in the north
Where the people who left the south welcomed in their new homes?
No. African-Americans were not welcomed by whites
What type of Nabel operation was used by the Germans to sink the Lusitanaia?
Unrestricted submarine warfare
What country in North America did the Germans trying to get to side with them?
What year did the United States entered the war?
Did the government do when men will not sign up for the service in the war?
Passed a draft law and espionage act
Locations cannot be sent through the mail during World War I?
Publications that wre critical of the war effort
Country was the weak link in the allied alliance?
What happens to a countryman the government prints too much money?
What Russian leader did the Germans sent to Russia from Switzerland?
What was the dtae the Russia left World War I?
January, 1918
What was the date for ending World War I?
November 11, 1918
What was the name of the international organization of countries proposed by Wilson?
The league of Nations
What did Wilson do to promote the treaty of Versailles and the Leauge of Nations?
He went on a speaking tour
What happened to the president while he was promoting the treaty and the leauge in the United States?
He got sick, came home and had a stroke
What was the name of the opposing armies fighting tnd Russian Revolution?
The Red Army and the White Army (red-communist / white – loyal to czar)
What were the two upset ideas of government being proposed in the period after worl war I?
Wilsonian Democracy and Leninist Communism
What was the great sickness that spread in the United States?
Summer of 1918 – end of 1919, the flu
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