Chapter 18 Test Review

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An aging American poet who thought technology resembled a serpent in the garden of Eden
John Greenleaf Whittier
What industry is considered America’s first big business?
Industrial growth was concentrated in what area?
North East
Where (city/place) did the continental railroad meet?
Promontory Utah
Most important American figure in fanance
J. P. Morgan
Name the Industry: Andrew Carnegie
Name the Industry: J. P. Morgan
Name the Industry: John D. Rockefeller
Name the Industry: William Kelly
Name the Industry: Henry Bessemer
(NOT RAILROADS BUT) Steel (Bessemer process)
In which type of organization does a company own all elements from raw materials to the finished product
Vertical Intigration
Who developed the alternating current
Nikola Tesla
What was the first department store?
Who laid down the first transatlantic cable?
Cyrus West Field
The catalog from this company was used as pornography by little boys out west
Most of these workers were young and single
First billion dollar company
U.S. Steel
First modern trust (founded during civil war)
Standard Oil Company
George Eastman is associated with
photographic equipment
Who was considered the greatest inventor of the time? (11 hundred patents) (Wizard of Menlo Park)
Thomas Edison
Which of the following was the most important inventions in the time period:
Automobiles/assembly line
telegraph/processed meat
spindle/sewing machine
Example of a chain store
A & P
Example of a department store
True or False: A chain store and mail orders all provided convenience for the nation because they carried the same products
When looking at professions, which profession stands out as one where feminization took place
Which group received the greatest rewards from industrailizaton
Native born white men
Which union wanted to ensure all Americans receive equal benefits from the system
Knights of Labor
At its apex, who was the grand master worker of the Knights of Labor?
Terence V. Powderly
Why did the Knights of labor fail?
They failed to provide effective national leadership
Which union becomes most important after the knights fail
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
Unlike the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) emphasized what type of goals
realistic goals (day to day goals)
Who was the leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)?
Samuel Gompers
Principal of the Iron law of Wages
Supply and Demand
Which riot weakened the National Labor movement (associated with anarchism)
Haymarket Square Riot
This strike emphasized cost of industrialization (clobbered the workers)
Homestead Strike
True or False: In most jobs, status and pay were divided unequally between men and woman
The supreme court case that strikes down the state law limiting the number of hours workers work each week
Lochner vs. NY
True or False: Were agents of the Soviet Union infultrating the Haymarket Square riot?
True of False: The Knights of Labor were the first really successful labor union in American History?
****RR Reading and primary documents
****RR Reading and primary documents
Cartoon of Cornelius Vanderbilt
Railroad commodore
True or False: By 1894, Railroads suffered by competition and expansion which is why J.P Morgan had to buy them out?
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