Chapter 4 section 3

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Small hot dark and dirty workhouses
Company town
Communities hear workplaces where housing was owned by the business and rented out to employees
Collective bargaining
Negotiating as a group for higher wages or better working conditions
An economic and political philosophy that favors public instead of private control of property and income
Knights of labor
Labor union that included workers of any trade skilled or unskilled
Terrence v powderly
The leader of the Knights of labor who encouraged boycotts and negotiations with employers
Samuel Gompers
Poor English immigrant who formed afl a skilled workers union
American federation of labor loose organization of skilled workers from many unions devoted to specific crafts or trades
Hay market riot
Labor protest in Chicago that ended in dozens of death when someone threw a bomb
Homestead strike
Pennsylvania steelworkers strike that resulted in violence between company police and strikers
Eugene v debs
Leader of American railway Union who eventually became a socialist
Pullman strike
Nationwide strike of rail workers that halted railroads and mail delivery
How did working conditions affect families?
Parents had to bring their kids to work
Kids suffered stunted physical and mental growth
AFL differences
Made up of skilled workers only
No women
Higher wages
Shorter hrs
Improved conditions
Knights of Labor
Skilled and unskilled workers
Men women immigrants
African Americans
Equal pay
Why did workers increasingly turn to the strike as a tactic to win labor gains?
Win labor battle because it was effective
Describe the growth in the industrial workforce
Abundance and natural resources to fuel industrial growth
Immigrants coming into country for strong work force
Liassez faire gov
Cause of railroad strikes
Response to cut in workers wages
Effect of railroad strikes
Set the scene for violent strikes to come
Cause of hay market square
Part of campaign to achieve an eight hour workday
Effect of haymarket square
Wary of labor unions
Kol were blamed for riot
Union activities were seen as violent
Course of events that occurred regularly
Cause of Homestead strike
Economic depression led to cuts in steelworkers wages
Effect of homestead strike
After losing standoff steelworker unions lost power throughout the country
Cause of Pullman strike
Wages cut without a decease in cost of living in company town
Effect of Pullman strike
Employers used the courts to limit the influence of unions
civil war
Encouraged production innovation and expansion of railroads
Natural resources
Ample natural resources including oil, fueled growth
Growing workforce
Immigrants willing to work for low wages
New technology and innovative businesses practices spurred growth
Gov policies
Encouraged investment in businesses and new tech
Eugene v Debs
Leader that called for nationwide strike against the Pullman company
How did the goals of the Knights of labor differ from those of AFl?
KOL didn’t focus on specific workers issues like the AFL did
American railroad Union
Included rail workers conducted the Pullman strike
National trades Union
First national union open to workers from all trades
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