Chapter 7: Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus

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One difference between the government in Constantinople and the government of Rome was that only the Byzantine Empire
A.) was ruled by a theocracy
The transfer described in the passage probably refers to
D.) a shift of power from Rome to Constantinople
Which statement is best supported by the information in the table above?
B.) The wealth of the empire reached its peak under Justinian.
Which statement is consistent with the evidence in the table?
A.) The Byzantine government spent heavily on military actions
The success of both the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus shows
A.) the value of extensive trade along water routes
The Seljuk Turks, the Pechenegs, and the Mongols all
A.) originated as identifiable groups in the steppes of Central Asia
What do iconoclasm, Heraclius’s choice of language, and ideas about theocracy have in common?
A.) All reflect differences between Rome and Constantinople.
Which statement best explains why Constantinople became so wealthy?
D.) The city’s location on key water routes made it a center of trade.
Which event created a long-lasting connection between the Slavic principality of Kievan Rus and the Byzantine Empire?
B.) The Russian acceptance of the Eastern Orthodox faith
Justinian and Yaroslav the Wise are both famous for
A.) creating a law code that was used in their empires
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