Civil Service System

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They both fired officials that opposed their views and replaced them with people who supported them – such as friends for instance; the Spoils System.
Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, when elected president, what did this become known as?
An almost complete turnover in the staffing of the federal government.
This little process became known as the Spoils System where whenever a new president was elected from a party different from the party of the previous president, there would be what?
Spoils System
The awarding of government jobs to political supporters and friends.
It survived for several years, but it became increasingly corrupt. It increased by 300 percent, between 1851 and 1881.
How long did Jackson’s spoil system last? What happened to it? What happened to the size of the bureaucracy between 18_ _ and 18_ _?
The Merit System.
Reformers looked to the examples of European countries for civil service reform, what did the Reformers notice that these countries used, especially Germany?
Merit System
The selection, retention, and promotion of government employees on the basis of competitive examinations.
Also known as the Pendleton Act, it was passed in 1883.
In what year was the Civil Service Act passed?
Civil Service Commission.
This act created what?
Pendleton Act
An act that established the principle of employment on the basis of merit and created the Civil Service Commission to administer the personnel service.
Civil Service Commission
The initial central personnel of the national government, created in 1883.
It abolished it and created two new federal agencies to perform its duties.
What did the Pendleton Act, Civil Service Act, do to the Civil Service Commission?
The OPM and the MSPB (Merit systems protection Board).
What were these two agencies that the Civil Service Act created?
Elrod vs. Burns in 1976 and Branti vs Finkel in 1980.
The Supreme Court strengthened the civil service system in what two cases and what two years?
Civil Service Laws, Rules, and Regulations.
The Civil Service Reform Act created the OPM to administer what?
Empowered to recruit, interview and test potential government workers and determine who should be hired.
What did the OPM do when it was created?
To oversee promotions, employees’ rights, and other employment matters. It also evaluates charges of wrongdoing, hears employee appeals from agency decisions and can order corrective action against agencies and employees.
Why was the MSPB created?
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