History 103: Test 3

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__ was a leading enemy of the Second National Bank of the United States
Andrew Jackson
The new political coalition which emerged to challenge Democratic control in the 1830s was called the
The Mexican War was ended by the
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Jackson’s policy toward the Native American was to
remove them to lands west of the Mississippi
South Carolina’s challenge to the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832 is callled the
Nullification Crisis
An underlying principle commonly agreed upon by Jacksonians was
suspicion of special privileges and large business corporations
Martin Van Buren’s response to the Panic of 1837 was to
reject government interference in the economy
The communitarian group whose members were celibate, held their property in common, valued simplicity and industriousness, stressed equality of labor, and practiced a joyful and fervent religion was
the Shackers
The Auburn System was a pioneering experiment in
prison reform
The most influential black abolitionist was
Frederick Douglass
The most basic goal of the common school movement was
education for democracy
The staunch state’s rights advocate who became president when William Henry Harrison died was
John Tyler
The __ Treaty settled the disputed boundary between Maine and New Brunswick and demonstrated the growing Anglo-American economicdependence
According to your text, in the battle over the independence of Texas, the slaughters at Goliad and at__, a former mission, made peaceful settlement of the dispute with Mexican almost impossible.
The Alamo
The leader of the Texas independence movement and first president of the republic of Texas was
Sam Houston
Manifest Destiny might best be described as the belief that Americans were
God’s chosen people
One significant aspect of life on the westward trail in the 1840s was that it
was especially taxing for women
In 1846 the United States signed a treaty dividing the Oregon territory along the 49th parallel with
Great Britain
The campaign against Mexico City was commanded by General
Winfield Scott
Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States
gained New Mexico and Upper California
In 1849 approximately 80,000 Americans migrated to California because of the
start of the gold rush
The senator who initially organized the legislative program that became the Compromise of 1850 was
Henry Clay
The Compromise of 1850 included admitting__as a free state
The basic concept underlying the “spoils system” was that
party workers must be rewarded with political office after a successful campaign
One of the “fundamental tenets of Jacksonian Democracy” was that
ordinary Americans could do anything
Immediately after Harrison’s inauguration
Harrison died, was succeeded by the doctrinaire, John tyler, and the political climate of the country changed dramatically.
By the 1830s, non-agricultural work increasingly took place
outside the home
Jackson’s attitude toward nullification was to
oppose it because of his devotion to the Union
Middle-class families in the 1830s has a(n)
declining birth rate
The Illinois town founded by Mormon leader Joseph Smith as a semi-independent state within the federal Union was
One of the most striking aspects of the various practical reform movement of the early nineteenth century was their
emphasis on creating special facilities for dealing with social problems
The Senator who pushed for renewal of the Bank of the United States charter in 1832 to provide himself a campaign against Jackson was
Henry Clay
Jackson’s most powerful weapon against the Bank of the United States was the
ability to withdraw government revenues for the Bank
A typical theme of the Second Great Awakening was that
people could take their salvation into their own hands
A major characteristic of the new politics of Jacksonian democracy was increased voter turnout
Many critics of the Bank of the United States accused it of monopolizing public funds in the interests of the rich.
Andrew Jackson argued that spoils system should be replaced by a civil service to protect government workers from arbitrary dismissal
Banks which received government deposits denied to the Bank of the United States were known as “pet” banks
Most of the travelers on the Oregon Trail were young families
Jackson’s most basic objection to the doctrine of nullification was that it absolutely contradicted the ideas of Jefferson
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