Chapter 11 Early Medieval Europe Art History ACC

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Beowulf Epic
Refers to the warlords who honored the living and dead b giving them jewelry and other costly portable items as treasure givers.
Decorative pin/brooch for garments that Romans favored.
Sutton Hoo Ship Burials
This was a treasure-laden ship in a burial mound at Sutton Hoo, near the sea in England. Never set out to sea, rather was a form of buring great lords in ships with rich furnishings. Things found on ship: gold purse cover, a gold belt-buckle, 10 silver bowls, silver plate, 40 gold coins, etc.
Ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects using ENAMEL, usually made with other materials such as gold and glass
Bands or portions of other motifs are looped, braided, and knotted in complex geometric patterns, often to fill a space.
Animal Motifs
Metal-craft with interlace patterns and other motifs integrated perfectly with animal motifs and that was the premier art of the Early Middle Ages in Europe. Became very popular and begun to see these in churches, decorations of manuscripts, and in sculpture in stone and in wood.
An opening in a wall of a building, gate or fortification, especially a grand entrance to an important structure
Stave Churches
Medieval wood churches.
Stave= wedge shaped timbers placed vertically
Hiberno-Saxon (Insular)
The style of art produced in the post-Roman history of Ireland and Britain. The term derives from insula, the Latin term for “island”; in this period Britain and Ireland shared a largely common style different from that of the rest of Europe.
Four Evangelists: Matthew Mark, Luke, and John
The gospels are the New Testament works of these 4 people. It tells the story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.
Liturgical books
Writing studios
Center of the plan (physical and conceptual).
*A courtyard with covered walks (as in religious institutions)
Carpet Pages
Decorative page like a textile
Made up of decorative panels of abstract and animal forms.
Front/back of a folio(page)
“Copyright” page
Includes who made the book, what day, where, etc.
Celtic/High Crosses
Standing cross statue with circle around intersection of cross.
Capital of Germany
Ruler of Roman Empire, brought the renewal of glory of Roman Empire
Charlemagne accomplished this renewal of roman empire through artistic patronage – commissioning portrait statues, illusttrated manuscripts, and by fostering a gernal revival of thinking. One of these statues was an Equestrain portrait of Charlemage, or Charles the Bald.
The period in which Charlemagne ruled roman empire, King Leo III kinged Charlemagne king in 800 in St. Peters Basilica.
Established Aachen as the Capital of Germany.
United lots of Europe
Christianized empire
This was the new rule of the Roman Empire, by 3 German emperors called _______. Pope crowed first one in 962 and he assumed the title “emperor of Rome.”
Ridge of stone above columns
Alternate Support System
Heavy square piers alternate with columns, dividing the nave into 2 verticle units.
Bishop Bernward
A great patron of Ottonian art and architecture. From Hildesheim, Germany. builder of the abbey church of Saint Michael. Made Hildesheim a center of learning, and was an eager scholar, a lover of arts, and an expert craftsman and bronze-caster
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