History: 7th Grade Medieval Europe Study Guide

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What caused feudalism to develop?
The government developed it after they could not save people from the Vikings.
How did the Vikings raid affect the Charlemagne empire?
It weakened the empire.
What is a scriptorium?
A room in a monastery developed for copying texts.
How far north or south did the Charlemagne’s empire spread too?
From the North Sea to the Pyrenees and Rome.
Who was William the Conquerer?
William and his army killed King Harold and his brother and took over England. William of Normandy. He was crowned King of England. His army marched to confront King Harold’s army.
What was the crusades?
A Christian War.
Define guild.
A group of people practicing the same craft, gathered together for the common good.
Who was Joan of Arc?
A woman that put on knights armor and led the French army to victory.
How did universities develop?
Cathedral’s founded schools that trained young men for priesthood. Eventually they formed into universities.
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