Medieval History Chapter 4 *

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“do nothing kings” French related to clovis
Charles Martel
“the hammer” Led the battle of tours
Battle of tours
732 in france. Arabs are defeated stops the spread of islam
Pepin the short
Son of Charles Martel
charlamagnes father
First Carolingian king
Pope Zacharius I
Crowned pepin the short king in exchange for protection
Pope Stephen II
is attacked by Lombards, but Pepin of the Franks pledges to protect him in exchange for blessing as king
Dynasty begun by Pepin the Short (Charlemagne’s father), 751-987 CE
papal states
A region around Rome that was captured from the Lombards by Pepin the Short and given to the pope
Donation of constatine
Forged document. Constantine Iy transferred authority over Rome and the western part of the Roman Empire to the Pope.
St. Boniface
“Apostle of Germany” founded monsterys, converted pagans made christianity in Germany. chopped down the Oak of Thor
Rebuild much of Roman empire in the west..Set up county system
Song of Roland
Medieval epic
Coronation of Christmas day 800
Pope leo III crowns Charlamagne holy Roman Emperor
Pope Leo III
Crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
missi dominici
messenger of the lord checking to see if things are going fairly
Alcuin of york
The man who leads the educational reforms of Charlemagne
John Scottus
innovated scholar
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