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William the conqueror
Battle of Hastings
The Battle between William and Harold to claim the king of England. William defeated Harold.
Salisbury Oath
allegiance to the king. taken by nobility in england. (by William)
Common law
law based upon customs and judges’ decisions rather than upon written codes. (Jury) (Henry II)
Doomsday book
-counted the people or animals for tax purposes during William the Conqueror
Edward the confessor
His death led to the Norman conquest, died without heir
Edward I
King who created the English Parliament as a council of advisors for the king
Edward III
1338 declared himself rightful heir to French throne, started Hundred Years War
Harold Godwinson
Anglo-Saxon ruler who was defeated by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings
Henry II
established the jury system in England. Common Law
Henry I
The king of England known for his “Charter of Liberties
Henry VII
King of England, established Tudor Dynasty by overthrowing Richard III
Edward I Scottish battles
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