Mexican american war 1812

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What ended the war of 1812
British forces occupied Washington in 1814, burning the Capital and presidential mansion.
Hostilities ended by the Treaty of Ghent on Christmas Eve, 1814.
What caused the war of 1812
1st – HMS Leopard fired shots on American Ship [the Chesapeake], imprisoned the sailors of the ship
2nd – Britain armed the Indians and instigated fighting between the Indians and Americans
3rd – Embargo against England, which lead to England shutting down our ports for trade
What was mexico’s current position before this war
Won their independence from Spain in 1821
Included Texas, New Mexico and California

Mexico allowed Americans to live in Texas, but they had to become Mexican citizens, Catholic and could not own slaves

What were some early battles of this war
Goliad – Santa Anna Executed about 400 Americans
The Alamo – Santa Anna attacked the Mission and after a battle all Americans were executed
What happen at the alamo
Battle of San Jacinto – Mexican forces were surprised and Santa Anna was captured
Texas remained a territory (not a state) until (1845) “The Lone Star Republic”
What started the whole war
“American blood had been spilled on American soil”, the U.S. declares war on Mexico.
Moses and Stephen Austin received a large amount of land in Texas
what was this war about
It was supposed to be about Texas, but Polk also wanted California (Manifest Destiny)

John C. Fremont fought for independence in California (The Bear Flag Republic)

more land and California’s ports – San Francisco/Monterey

why should mexico have the upper hand
Mexico has 5 times the soldiers
Best soldiers in the world
Believe the south and Indians will rise up and help
None of these issues help Mexico
why does this war end
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the war in FEBRUARY 1848
what country was gold found in
what broke delicate balance
The Gold rush and heavy migration took place in 1849 as people rushed to California
where was gold discovered
In January of 1848 James Marshall was working in Sutters mill (near Sacramento)
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